A new support weapon idea


a special ability lockdown if its on the monster it cant use charge rock throw and son on if the beam hits them works like cabots amplifier


Talk about OP.


ho about it locksdown 2 ABILITYS


Locking any abilities is potentially OP.


sure wnaut


I had the idea of adapting Crow where his stasis gun would take away a traversal, even with the 22sec charge time it was still a no.


I like it. I think though that it should be a trapper weapon. Instead of CC, you briefly block ability use. It’s akin to locking down traversal or slowing movement, it aids the hunters in getting away.


All I have to say is psychic support


He’s not necessarily talking about Kala.


Alrighty then Mr. Mountain. You and MaddCow are moderating the new threads LIKE A BOSS.


I don’t really see why we need a psychic support, since we are about to get one with freaking space-magic.


This was obviously before we found out kala is a super mutant wizard. But I stills would like a psychic one


You posted that comment 31 minutes ago…



I never posted any comment 31 min ago


34-35 minutes ago now.


I thought u meant my most recent post.

Also, it doesn’t matter that I lost it 31 min. Ago


… Am I missing something here? :joy:


My desire for a psychic support was before we found out what kala was, however I still want one


Ohhhhhh okay. I got’chu.

How would that even work though?


for weapon, either a gun or mental blasts. For the seco d and third ability, she will use her psychic powers to either create placed items that are mental constructs or create moving mental constructs like mental holograms. She should create some kind of psychic chaos field that would be great for area denial or she could us whee psychic powers to boost the other hunters. Like maybe use her psychic piers to created a huge bubble shield, protecting what’s in it but she must stand and maintain the shield or she could use her psychic powers to create a personal shield for herself. I’m using psychic with the broadest definition they rid for it