A new monster idea


There should be a type monster that can invade creatures and become some sort of parasitic host.


0/10 no scorpions.

Legit post: Now… I don’t get how that would be “Monstrous” since a parasite would have to be small… And all the monsters are massive. Idk man, the idea isn’t stale but I don’t think it would blend (work).


They actually had a Parasite monster.

It was one of the ones that had some coding issues. It and the Velvet worm are forever doomed to life as concept art.


There is already a thread on this subject , here is the link: What type of Monster would you like to see?


@Plaff seek and destroy


more like Orbital Cannon



Deploy your UAV to track this topic and then deploy some turrets while shooting your rockets!


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Monster ideas go here:

and for the Parasite, check out the development thread here for early prototypes of just that idea!