A new idea to the game


Hello fellow hunters (and monsters) :slightly_smiling:

I have an idea that would be very cool in Evolve.
What about 3rd person mode for hunters? And first person mode for monsters? I think that would be so cool and really fun!!!
Please put it in the game!
My own opinion is that I am not so crazy about the first person, I can much better like 3rd person.

Kind regards Jonas


First person mode for Monsters definitely didn’t work because that’s what TRS initially went with during development and it ended up looking awkward and frustrating for gameplay. Third person I’m not a big fan of because of the advantage of peaking around corners which would inadvertently nerf pouncing since you can see them around corners.


Pretty much what Slewey said. And on top of the idea of third person hunters, that would give them an even bigger advantage against the monsters, it would just skew the balance imo.


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First person as a monster would handicap you more than anything.

3rd person as a hunter would ONLY work if you were able to ONLY view in front of you. If you are able to spin the camera around 360 degrees it gives the hunters an advantage.


I would love to see these as an option for solo mode or customs. Then the devs wouldn’t have to worry about balance, and it’s just a fun feature to mess around with friends/bots. Unfortunately they have a lot of other things planned atm (adaptations and balance), so if these were to ever happen it wouldn’t be for a long time.


Hmm I can see why it would be a disadvantage for the monster in first person mode, but why not make it possible for hunters to go in 3rd person mode? It does not need to be zoomed out a lot. Just so you can see the character? And make it so you can’t look around in 360°, you can only look the way you are going?


My statement still stands :slight_smile:


Yeah if you ever played gears of war you would understand why wall peaking could be a problem. I still think it would awesome if it were solo mode, bots don’t care if you wall peak.


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