A new horror game called scorne


So, while rummaging through the debths of youtube, @Nas had come across a trailer for this fps horror game.


Its deeply upsetting and i love it!


Meh does not looks like horror game at all,more like some fps with child friendly graphic

It looks exactly like my room


The environment looks so similar to alien’s nest. Had the lighting been slightly darker, I would have thoguht I was walking in xenomorph’s nest.

I hope they would show a bit of gameplay or highlight more. It might be too quick for me to judge

Such a lovely room.


I’m curious to learn more about this game,it seems to be very interesting,and the fact that the H.R Giger’s art(Alien) have been the inspiration for this game makes me even more interested in this game.
Another interesting game is “Agony” is like “Doom” but without weapons.
@Alucard_Shadow Are you a Xenomorph ?


Ya. My very first thaught when i saw the trailer was along the lines of “everything being made out of the egg pod thing from alien”.


I think that there is abit more information about scorne over at the ebb software forum.

Its not alot though as the devs seem to want the players to discover most of the things themselves.


so basically it’s the basement floor isn’t?


hope not like in no man sky where players discover themselves there is no proper multiplayer and other stuff after purchase kek.


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Indeed. <!secret10char>


nah not really pal, i am not into that. i have things in life that i like to take granted for. live your life how like it pal. :slight_smile:


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gladly :relieved:


Seems a bit reminiscent of Doom, but mixed with Alien and some other spoopy elements. I most certainly won’t play it, but I look forward to the Lets Plays and intense screaming :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi my neeem is puuwdepeee and today we gun play scorn . :^)
I did enjoy lets play of games i dislike:amnesia for example.
because for me they are not scary when I play them.I spend too much time in fps shooters so I just run thru all levels like mad man :^)

who is your favorite to watch?


I like Jack and Mark best. Pewds is fun, but he doesn’t really take many games seriously anymore. Inside and Abzu were a breath of fresh air, though. Really enjoyed watching him do those.