A New GameMode



I Think u should add a gamemode called GroundWar were there are 2 monsters vs 8 hunters. large scaled maps would beperfect for a fun chaotic gamemode that u can have a laugh with friends. Or be a very challenging gamemode for all competitive players. Plesae replay if u think this would be great mode for the game.Also love the game :stuck_out_tongue:


This has been discussed (I have also requested something like this before) and I can’t see it happening unfortunately. As it is a great idea, the balancing would be so difficult, between both monsters and hunters


Thats Too Bad :frowning:


It’s not a bad idea, but I don’t think it would work.

We need more game modes indeed, like we had in retail (or something more original/fun), but it’s to soon to be asking for such major changes.

I’m sure (hope) the developers have more game modes in the pipeline.


You want a new gamemode? Here


  • 7 Minutes Long
  • Feeding Meter decreased by 75%

Boom :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds boring and it’s the same thing, plus the game is already fast paced and fun due to changes in stage 2.


Here’s an idea for a new game mode - A Defend Mode where you actually DEFEND things.


But you did defend things in Defend…


Sort of. Defend was really, really lopsided towards the monster, particularly Kraken (who could destroy things from afar). There was a reason a lot of players didn’t like it that much.


The devs also said the game would never be F2P.


When did they say way that?


…that’s…that’s very true, I’m gonna hold on to that


It was only supposed to be a joke, I wasn’t serious :stuck_out_tongue:


A long while ago on the Steam forums when people were asking them if it would ever transition to a F2P model.


No, you don’t. The only viable way for Hunters to win was to dome the Monster and treat the mode as Glorified Hunt, which ruined the fun. Defend Mode could be so amazing if they built it right, but TRS refuses to do anything about making Defend Mode fun.


Because no one plays Defend nor really cares about the mode. Why put their efforts to making the mode better if people are more willing to play hunt and arena anyway.


I’ve actually thought of that idea for a long time as well. problem is, it would have insane balance issues. But I still think it’s something the devs should sometime consider since it’s a pretty fun idea.


Arena is the worst mode in the game. And nobody plays Defend because it’s a broken mess, not the other way around. If the developers put time into making the mode what it should be, it would be amazing.


You’re saying Arena is worst than nest and rescue? I’m just gonna say you are a very opinionated person and end it there. :v:


So tell me what they could do to fix them. Please. I’m all ears.