A new gamemode idea. (Free Mode)


First before I even get to my idea, sorry if I posted this in the wrongs place, I wasn’t 100% sure where to do it. With that out of the way lets get to my idea!!!

                                          Free mode
  • we all love evolve, but don’t you think it would be super Kool to be able to explore the planet of shear with limited boundaries? This idea is about a gamemode called “free mode” when you wander around the planet and do as you wish, and this is how it would work

  • you would select you starting map that you want to start in, then from that map, you can leave the boundaries of the map and that will lead you to another map. Ex. You are playing on “broken hill mine” and you decide to leave, so you can climb out of the main whole in the middle and, for example, the fusion plant could be by it that you can go to. ( each class, monster/hunter, will have there own way to change maps, and I will get to that soon)

  • once you pick your map you will spawn in and hatch from an egg, an epithet be a stage one monster, or a baby monster. They you can roam around the different maps eating animals and getting food to evolve until you hit stage 3(a stage 4 for this would be super cool) and while you are running around you can find colonies you can attack. Ex, you are a stage 3 behemoth, and you find the fusion plant, you will see colonists and soldiers around the plant, and when you attack, they try to fight back. Once you do enought damage, the will call for help and hunters will come.

  • I haven’t thought as much about how this is going to work for the hunters( I’m a big monster fan) but I got a basic idea. You can fly around the map in a 3rd person ship and you can get distress calls from colonies under attack by the monster. So you ca. Fly over to the city, drop out of the ship and fight and defend the colony before it falls to the monster. Then you can ether run around the map, or get back in the ship and fly around.

                                             One more
  • finally I would like to add that it would be really cool if you made it so that there are many monsters on the world, so say if you are a monster, behemoth, and you are trying to stage up, you can run into an AI, or player, monster as wraith. Then because they are hostile, this wraith will attack you. And if you are the hunter, you can be walking and find the player monster, but he might just have a wraith following him. Now wouldn’t that be something

                                   What do you think?
  • please tell me what you think of my idea and how we can improve it. Now my hands are tired of hitting this iPad scream for so long so I am gonna end it here. ENJOY

holly crap! I went to add a smile face! And the screen moved down and I thought it deleted all of this!

Who else wants an exploration mode?

A few people have said that a free roam mode would be nice, it’d especially be good for cupcake hunting.

Also for the screen moving down, are you using safari?


Ya I, using safari


Yeah, there’s kinda a bug with the latest update that apparently can’t be fixed on this end, so they need to wait for apple to do something


This sounds more like a free play version of a fully fledged campaign mode. It would be a lot of fun running missions in Evolve’verse, saving colonies, earning money for upgrades and better weapons, or monsters upgrading skills by destroying colonies. I’d want it to be a permadeath setup, so stakes are still high like hunt mode.

The work required to make it would be ridiculous. But I can dream! Keep expanding your idea :smiley:


While my friend was at my house we came up with a entire game idea for an “evolve 2” lol. This just a sliver of the idea from that,so I’ll keep adding to it as I get better ideas