A new game mode

We should create a new game mode called boss mode,it consists of a 2 story monster at stage 1 and is capable of becoming a 3 story monster at stage 3. This ginormous monster will have to fight hunters ranging from 8-12 members on a humongous map filled with many prey for this boss monster to feed on. (Your choice on what to make the monster, and your choice to decide to create new wildlife.)

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Not to burst your bubble but cabot already stated that the monsters are already 2 storys. Idk about 3 storys so I guess that could be another possibility…

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Made a topic awhile back about a stage 4 Monster mode where they battle the team in an Arena like map, with high pillars so it’s a very Hunter favored environment. I think it’d be a blast. :smile:
Something casual like Defend. At Stage 4 a Monster could max out every ability, but would be a huge easy target to hit.

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I knew the monsters where 2 story’s(only at stage 3)

They already made Behemoth as big as they can. They can’t make anything bigger.

Monster vs monster

stage 4

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Secrets finally revealed!!??1

Three story mammoth bird