A new day, new battles... prob new meta


Ok everyone every day it seems like under the hood tweaks are made.

Today os a new day. Time to MONSTER up and get that kill ratio higher.

And if i come across the OP map… its. Ok…i will be able to at least enjoy the beautiful day on shear!

Are ya all with me? A day of no complaints? A day of great games?


Hope is the first step on the road to dissapointment.


Yeah. But after a year and a half of Evolve.

I just cant stay upset with it. The monsters are my babbies and Bob is my favorite but I just have to try and beat these new challenges that always happen.


I know what you mean, but there’s always going to be salt, hacks and bullshittery. Don’t set yourself up for dissapointment.


I think the hacks have tempered it a bit. If i hadent lost so many matches to hackers i would actually be a lot more upset about the losses ^.^


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