A new assault weapon idea

We know we’ll get two dlc hunters so if it’s an assault it could have a freeze gun. It would work like Hyde’s flamethrower but instead of damage over time it could be a slow like a tranq dartimage

No, I don’t want 3 classes to have slows. Medic + Trapper + Assault. I already dislike 2 different classes having them.


If you hate that, just imagine Griffin + Val + Sunny in your game ;).

Back on the main topic though, assault’s weapons tend to be pretty basic and are the heavy damage of the group so a slowing gun just doesn’t seem likely for him. It’s very possible though that a trapper in the future might have something like this.

I already main Griffin :stuck_out_tongue:


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I agree. If we put another slow idea like this out, it needs to be on a class that already uses slows. We don’t need every class using CC.

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A million hearts for you!

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Can we have a freeze gun that doesn’t slow?

Agreed, I’d really like CC to stick with Trappers as the norm.

It is kind of their entire niche in combat.


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