A new assault idea I've been toying with


(DISCLAIMER: this is probably littered with grammatical errors and typos)
Alright, so I’ve been thinking about a new assault character lately and finally think I have the kit figured out. I won’t be posting any numbers, I’ll let you guys decide on that for yourselves.

Maria Vasquez is a Hispanic female assault. She is from earth, so she isn’t as tall or generally as large as other assaults from high gravity worlds, but this does allow for her to be much quicker and agile than other assaults. She is generally consider pompous and condescending, but makes up for her unpleasant personality by being a highly lethal solider on the battle field. Working as a member of a security detail on Sapphire Station, she was present for the crippling of The Solaris using nuclear ordnance. The blast inflicted heavy casualties on both The Solaris and Sapphire Station, and Maria was maimed in the event, eventually losing her legs from the waist down.

After intensive therapy, cybernetic prosthetic legs where installed to her abdomen, once again granting her mobility that she had lost on Sapphire Station. Upon discovering her highly decorated service record prior to serving on Sapphire Station, Parnell recommended her to William Cabot, who sought her out not for her hunting experience but rather her knowledge in combat against organized military forces. He recruited her to compliment Parnell, believing them to be potentially invaluable assets against a number of possible military forces that might oppose them.

(The lore ain’t great and feel free to add or even write a totally new lore for her if it so pleases you. Sapphire station and The Solaris are already developed pieces of lore on the forums, will include links at the end of the post.)


1-Maria’s primary weapon is a long range Gauss cannon that is highly effective against armor, but requires a slight charging time as well as a moderate cool-down between shots. (Should not be easy to use at close range.)

2-Vault: at the cost of half her jetpack fuel, Maria springs into the air and uses her jetpack to impact the ground nearby at a high velocity. Her prosthetic legs absorb the brunt of the impact. The impact causes non-monster wildlife to be briefly stunned and the monster to stagger for a short time if a direct impact is scored. Deals area of effect damage.

3-“Pepper Guns” (please help me come up with a better name for these.); Two sub-machine guns primarily used for “riot control” that are dual wielded by Maria and use highly acidic pellet rounds that burst on contact spreading acid on the target (note: these rounds are not traditionally used for riot control.). While not dealing incredible damage right off the bat, the rounds deal high damage over time. The “Pepper Guns” are vastly less effective against armor, but not totally useless. To compensate, the firearms are highly volatile against direct health.

4-Standard assault shield.

I tried to orient her play style to keep a distance from the monster, bringing down its armor with the Gauss cannon until it is depleted, then using her vault to close the gap between her and the monster and keep the monster locked down when it tries to escape in its highly vulnerable state, and being a terror in the unarmored monsters face with her Pepper guns. I’m wide open to suggestions about changes or additions you might want to make to her kit.

If you guys would like I could share my idea for a melee assault or an interesting medic concept I’ve been toying with the idea of as well.

Lore Links:

This link has a complete index of all cannon lore.

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