A new add-on for the Birds Ignore you perk


Just for a little fun, we should make it that the Birds Ignore you perk, counts for Gobi too. so when you have that perk, All birds including Gobi wont see you.


That won’t be happening. You can’t completely disable a tool in a player’s arensal.


Don’t be silly


Oh ok, it was just a thought.


Sure you can, you just have to be a T4 Hunter.



I get it cause T4 disable alot of monster strategies :smirk:


Gobi is a bat. Not a bird.




Technically the birds are bats.

But yeah while I see what you’re getting at the buff is really about stopping birds from being frightened by you or being attracted to your kills. Gobi isn’t really dealing in either of those two areas :smile:


But it’s birds/bats in general. I just thought it would be a neat thing to add in.


Slim blocks monster’s abilities, seems fair to me.


Except there’s a counter to it; down Slim/leave cloud etc. Picking up a perk that essentially makes the trapper completely useless in his role, which can’t be countered, is unfair.


You know, the first days after release, I somehow had the belief that if I killed the carrion birds, they wouldn’t fly off and give away my position, or at the very least, the marker showing their position would disappear.

Then, when I realized that wasn’t the cause, I realized how that was actually a pretty cool idea.


Yeah, I’m not really going to argue it either way but having a monster ability that inhibited health regen, or personal shields temporarily would be fair if you ask me.


Making Gobi useless wouldn’t make Crow in general useless, he still has the Stasis gun and the Kinetic Rifle, and a Trapper’s main purpose is to dome the monster so it can’t escape. Rendering Gobi useless won’t change the fact that Crow can still help out in a fight. and It isn’t like the monster will always get the perk, its just a little extra f**k you if Crow is on the team.