A Need Nerf For Trappers


I love the game and all but i don’t think i can ever be the monster here is the problem as the traper you get the signal that lets you and your team see the monster were ever it is but it needs to be nerfed because it only takes 40 seconds for it to fully recharge to be used again and most of the games i play there will be players leaving matchs or freckling out because they become they monster and are not able to evolve or have fun using the monster etc. lastly i really think that it needs to be neafed or there needs to be bigger maps so monster can at least have a chance to win and to be able to evovle.[poll name=‘Signal_’ type=multiple min=1 max=1 public=true]

  • Keep
  • Bigger Maps
  • Lose/Nerf


I honestly think that after the Trapper Scanner was implemented I find myself going the same way because the maps are small


I actually should of not voted since I can’t play Stage 2 but hmm split equally


Except you can’t see it wherever it is. If you use it close to the Monster then you can see it through walls, but only then. Other than that it only gives you a broad directional key telling you where it is.


Planet Scanner is far from OP, and sure as hell isn’t the problem.

Lack of skills that seem to be the problem, I’ve seen monsters fool the planet scanner multiple times.


It still gives the hunters a to much of a easy way to find the monster and it only takes 40 seconds for it to recharge


So does Gobi, Daisy, Tracking Darts, Sound Spikes, and Jack’s Satellite. It’s a tracking tool. I don’t understand the distaste.


Many people can now evolve to stage two within 2 minutes. That’s 3 planet scanners. Except that hunters don’t spawn when the monster does, so they actually only get 2 planet scanners while the monster evolves.

I think your definition of fair is a little off.


If it’s any help, the planet scanner is extremely easy to juke.
Probably even easier than Gobi, Daisy, Sound Spikes, etc.


Once you start getting matchmade against decent Monsters the Planet Scanner isn’t even a big deal for them to handle. Any decent Monster will still juke you because they KNOW you’re coming and KNOW they’ve just been scanned.

I feel like it’s something Monster players who relied so heavily on running and stealth need to get use to.


In my opinion the planet scanner will get a slight cooldown nerf in the future. I’d also like to see the wall hacks removed, I don’t think they’re necessary nor do I think new players gain from that insight since it isn’t consistent enough. I think its concept is fine though, and I would be happy to see it’s cooldown left where it is.

I feel that what needs work is the disparity between lesser skilled monsters and higher skilled monsters in how long it takes them to get to stage 2. I feel that the feeding mechanic isn’t really working as well as it could be in this new system, and so a way to extend the time it takes to add to evolve meters for good players while reducing the amount of food required for the evolve meter feels like the thing that needs to be looked at first


The Planet Scanner is as useful as the birds, by the time you get to the location, the monster is on the other side of the map.

It is extremely easy to juke the planet scanner, and trappers have abilities way more accurate and precise.

Sorry for being so bold, but threads complaining about planet tracker are ridiculous.

I fear the developers may actually listen to you guys and remove or make planet tracker completely useless.


I play trapper and i cannot believe there are people who think planet scan isnt op… LOL

Yeah sure if you dont split up and search you can be juked. Lack of skill indeed. But for the hunters part.

YEAH SURE LOL. I didnt know these tools would give you wallhacks and find monster’s exact location with one press of a button without any requirements.
For gobi to find your monster you need to have knowledge of monsters possible location, for tracking darts you need to have visual contact of the monster(which doesnt have anything to do with finding the monster in the first place. It makes you not lose the monster afterwards) sound spikes must be palaced before and can be destroyed by the monster, jacks satalite is only usefull when you dont want monster to juke you. Its also slow and doesnt stay like sound spikes do.[quote=“StartSwimming, post:8, topic:92252”]
Many people can now evolve to stage two within 2 minutes. That’s 3 planet scanners. Except that hunters don’t spawn when the monster does, so they actually only get 2 planet scanners while the monster evolves.

Hunter teams fault then. Last 3 days i’ve never seen a monster in my games that evolved before we catch him and dome him. With little communication its impossible to not catch the monster before stage 2.

You cannot juke planet scanner. It gives Wallhacks. ‘But it only gives wallhacks when you are close :(((((’ To prevent jukes and get guarenteed wallhacks only thing you need to do as hunters, make one of them follows trails, trapper goes to monsters possible future location with the help of planet scanner, support and medic search ways inbetween assault and trapper. Map shape favors hunters. Even if monster tries to hide while scan is on cd, Auto dome notification pops and informs hunters anyway when they are close to it. Its fool proof. By the time you get close to monster scan is avaible again=Guaranteed wallhack. Trapper can inform his team if monster is hiding thanks to wallhacks


Its not balanced. And quite boring tbh.

They should nerf planet scan heavily and nerf monsters stage 1&2 damage so we wont need to find monster stage 1 or monster gets a powerspike and becomes hard to kill. Also please remove auto dome and make hunters throw it again.


Cool, I want to see the playerbase dip back down to 200 concurrent users and undo changes that got the playerbase at a stable 25,000 players at 3AM.


The reason why game had such low player base is because of the dlc shitstorm. Nerfing planet scan and making domes not braindead wouldnt make people leave the game imo.


I don t find any problem with the planet scanner, i haven t raged because of it, and i haven t ever complained about it, i once got domed rather quickly but i still didn t lose and i still didn t complain, if you have difficulties you just have to learn to adapt to any situation and turn back when you can or learn what to do

you need to play the game against all the hunters a lot and a lot so you see what each do against you, where they go what they do when you re on top of them, the planet scanner is rather fair, you just need to play the game more and more and learn, at first i wasn t that good but with time and a lot of game i pulled through and here i am


You think planet scanner is fair because you havent lost a game… Im a trapper player and i say planet scanner is OP. I can just auto pilot myself and find monster without focusing on the game because of it. Unless my team follows me like baby ducks instead of spreading. One of the reasons i want scan to be nerfed is because it will chain nerf monster s1 and s2. Then if im good enough to catch monster faster than usual i can carry my team by finding it. Right now only thing i can do is support the assault with my cc while he kills the monster if i have one. I want planet scan to be nerfed so trapper role will be atleast evenly important to other hunter roles.


Be careful when showing your 100% win record.

It just gives more fuel for us to rage and demand for nerfs :smirk_cat:


it s called skill, i played this game since launch


but now monster can fight at stage 1 and 2, as i proved with my record, the majority of these wins were done at stage 2, i have more stage 1 wins than stage 3 wins