A monster with two forms?


Hello, Does anyone else think a monster with two forms would be awesome? Like a monster that can switch from using ice to water or light and dark etc.


or as you evolve you can choose in which direction u want to go ice or fire


This would be an amazing idea!

I cant believe I have never thought of this…

Would love to see an evolution tree in the future!


This is a great idea! Only hurdle I can see is how skill choice would work, since I think TRS said they didn’t want the skills to change between stages. Maybe have skills whose properties change by element? Like, a projectile ability that if you go fire, sets part of the environment on fire where it hits, and has an AOE explosion that deals DoT damage, while the same ability with ice would make the ground slippery and unstable where it hits, and instead of a DoT it would cause a slowing AOE effect.

Doesn’t necessarily have to be elemental, but it was the best way to get my thought across.


I imagined something like a insect monster that evolves from a weaker “land stage” stage into a “flying stage”, or something similiar to that. like a caterpillar evolving into a butterfly.