A monster that shape shifts


My monster idea is a monster that can either shape shift into whatever it consumes or take the victims abilities. I thought of this while watching some gameplay on evolve. And I thought to myself, why not talk about and hope that there could be a shape shifting monster in the game. Not only would it be hard for the hunters to find the monster but I also thought there should be a time limit for the monster, like every 25, 30 seconds your monster spazzes out because it can’t take that body for a long time. Or the monster could consume the prey and mutate a little to look like the creature you just ate in a way but have it abilities. Like you eat a trap jaw and now you have a better range of smell, or eat a tyrant and have a huge bite attack. This is definitely a wierd and bizarre idea I had but I wanted to see what you guys thought about this. So what do you guys think?


Sounds tough to implement, but a very interesting idea…maybe it could take the form of wildlife for stealth?


Interresting, but complicated. I think if a monster like that existed, the hunters would shoot every wildlife in sight … slowing them too much and giving the monster free food for days … but I dunno it depends.


Yeah that’s what I thought to throw the hunters off their game but the monster would start to get hurt and would go back to its original form after a period of time.


That is true maybe there could be a hunter that can have a meter or a thermal that can tell you that " hey there’s the monster I can see him in the thermal" or something. That weapon can see through the disguise.


Or the monster could take ability characteristics from other monsters


But then it would be the only Hunter effective in tracking him


As long as there isn’t another flying monster I don’t care what they make lol.


They said it’s not technically feasible.