A monster ability that turns hunter friendly fire on? or mind controls a hunter?

kind of related to my thread on making the wraith more scary,

but how about an ability that turns friendly fire on for hunters?
too much noob rage?

or a mind control ability that takes over a hunter for a bit to shoot at the others?

I think of ufo 2, when my men used to go bezerk firing every which way including grenading their own team mates,

and mind controlling my men to shoot each other.

Taking control away from the player is never a good idea. This is why spooder trap is my least favourite monster ability.

Friendly fire sounds a bit OP and rage inducing tbh :wink:


Better would be a phantom of the wraith appears behind a Hunter causing others to fire at them, they turn round and… Nothing phantom gone.
Mind games.

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Yes it’s a brilliant idea

You don’t have the vision

I remember Yu Gi Oh had this . It was soo cool

Wraith or Gorgon variant can do that

No because this game is not made for hunters to pvp. There would be way too much imbalances, since you could essentially take over assault, thus reducing damage done to yourself (monster) and the hunters have no way of fighting back.

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what happened specifically, friendly fire or mind control?

I m sure if mechanized recharge was being suggested

You would have the same response

Let me tell you, There is always away to balance something out

Second point : You can’t judge at something unless you see or experience it.

Agreed. Removing agency from players is never a good mechanic.

Friendly fire, especially a temporary kind, would also be a bear to program, I’m sure. The concept is interesting, but I don’t think it’s good design or practical to implement.

I’d be interested in seeing a spooky darkness effect, but my potato computer already has trouble with Quantam Caira and Cataclysm in the same match. :stuck_out_tongue:


That something ain’t this.


Mechinized Recharge and PvP are 2 completely different things though. MR doesn’t negatively effect the hunters the way OP’s suggestion does.

It’s bad enough that Spider Trap removes Hunter control, but we don’t need a step above that where they can start shooting eachother.

Yes, but in game development the Devs aren’t going to test out every idea that gets suggested since most are crap since they overlook major problems, especially in balance.

Jack now having auto-fire doesn’t make monster lose control for a few seconds. Kala having larger teleporters doesn’t make monster damage itself.

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What about a “taunt” ability? Similar to League of Legends or WOW where an enemy is forced to attack something.

A monster who targets a hunter, and all wildlife in the area gain movespeed and health, then attack them.

Or a monster targets a hunter and forces them to move towards them for a few seconds.

Might be a cool idea

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Id be fine if the monster could mKe wildlife attack them, but if so then the damage needs to be brought down a lot, otherwise the monster would just force fights near mega mouths, nomads, and dune beetles and absolutely destroy the hunters.

But removing the control of hunters or adding team-damage is completely different in terms of balance.

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Friendly fire sounds freaking hilarious! I don’t even care if it’s OP. I want to see it now.

Imagine Hank coming in to save the medic, drops an orbital on the monster and the monster flips friendly fire on. Medic gets nuked! Lol


TRS hates fun so they will never implement something like this.

Because there is a little thing called balance.

By them adding this they are essentially making it for for 1:4 players per match. If those players decide to leave then everyone can be monster, and noone can be hunters, thus everyone is having fun in a 200 peak times playerbase.

not a single thing you said makes sense or is related to this topipc.

You claim that TRS won’t add it because you deem it fun.

I say that they look at things balance-wise, and since this is isn’t a balanced idea, it won’t be added.

Nah they don’t add ideas based on balance, they balance the ideas. It’s different.

Just do it. This guy is onto something.

Can’t wait to see a whole team killed by hank missiles. But make a new monster for this :smiley: stop with the same shit.

+A Idea.

I like the idea on friendly fire or the blindness those two seem like the best ideas i think anyway

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