A modest request to the devs for single player

     First off I would like to say that I love this game but there are 3 things I would like to ask the development team to add to the single player portion of the game for those times when you just want to play alone. Please add the hunt only skirmish mode to single player. Sometimes you just want to play a few rounds of hunt in single player but as it stands now to only play hunt in single player you have to do custom games which is really inconvenient due to the fact that something as simple as changing which map you are playing on requires you to back out almost to the main menu and restart the whole thing.
     Secondly I have noticed when playing as the monster in single player the hunter bots always make a bee line for the relay every time you reach stage three. This is a good strategy on their part but it also takes away all the pressure once you hit stage three. By this point you can take you're time and casually regain armor before the final hit on the relay. I dont know how difficult it would be to code but I would propose a 50/50 chance on whether or not they continue to chase after you or head for the relay so as to keep the pressure up and make it better simulate a multiplayer match as well has help avoid that anti-climactic moment right before the final battle.
      Lastly I would also like to see an option in single player to randomize the hunter and monster characters you play against. Single player matches would be much more interesting if I didn't have control over who I play against instead of having to hand pick them as it is now. If any developers do happen to read this, thank you for your time and I hope you will consider these ideas. Thank you.

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Yea… didn’t notice that until after I posted it sorry


I would do it for him, but alas, I’m only a 3. Also, I’m pretty sure if I did without his consent, I’d be screwed.


@MacMan I would really like to have your opinion on these ideas if you have the time.


I have also noticed lately that when playing with Abe as a bot, unless you take direct control of him, he will not use his tracking dart on any wildlife, only on the monster. This really limits his usefulness as a bot. @MacMan I would still love to hear your thoughts on the ideas in this thread as well as any other changes that may be upcoming to single player. Dont get me wrong, I love the multiplayer but news for that part of the game is all over the forums.


Yup, I think these are good ideas, and a good observation about Abe bot. I’ll pass it on.


It would be nice to know if there were going to be some improvements to the bots AI specifically to do with chasing a monster down.

When I first started playing, the bots were sufficient enough to get a beginner monster player going - to give them some confidence in moving around the map. However, once you get a basic amount of skill they are almost entirely avoidable playing as a monster simply by moving fast around the edge of the maps.

Because I played a lot of offline mode (playing when I would possibly have to stop/start games) it felt like I was getting quite good at being the monster. However, once I went online and started playing against human players I realised that I had almost no real experience at hunter avoidance in early game and getting to higher stages under pressure which meant my offline experience provided very little online practical experience.

I think because “going online” can be intimidating to some, it is important that the AI be competitive enough to get you up to a moderate level of skill. And for people like me, after I get smashed online against a good hunter team I would like to be able to go offline and keep fine turning and trying new things out without the pressure of the real thing but still being challenged.

I am not sure what the bots are doing which makes it difficult to see how it could be improved, but it seems they need to be better at predicting movement and cutting off? Spreading out more perhaps?

Does anyone else feel this way?


I would like to see the bots be better at tracking as well, but I’m not sure how well adding things like the ability to cut the monster off would work especially if the player is on the hunter side. There is kind of a fine line they would have to walk between bot intelligence and making sure the player feels in control. As frustrating as it can sometimes be that the hunter bots aren’t much help tracking the monster it would be equally frustrating if not more if it felt like the AI was just taking over and the player was just along for the ride. As you said it might be a good addition to single player if you were playing as the monster though. To be fair there have been a few solo matches I have played were the AI did split up and cut me off. Its no substitute for true human intelligence and strategy but I think the AI does a decent job at hunting me down as the monster.


I wish single-player had the Skirmish option of just Hunt on random maps, and I wish multiplayer had the Quick Game option that randomized game modes.

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind in the least bit as a Hunter if the Hunter AI had some initiative. Playing as Medic, I shouldn’t be leading the pack and the first to fight - the bots are capable of tracking, so why do they all always stay right next to the player? Even the Trapper? Even Maggie? “Forget Daisy, this guy knows what’s going on.” The thing that is really lacking is giving commands to the bots. They miss really easy domes all the time, Hyde throws gas grenades directly in front of you right when you turn on Caira’s acceleration field, they plant traps & mines in random patterns & places, they shoot the monster allowing it to get away. I wish I could say “defend here” “dome now” “track the monster” “don’t engage” etc.


I would also like to request that you can select the perks for the AI hunters and monster.


I would like to see the bots not be tethered to the human player. When you play as the monster they’ll do the best they can to track you down, but when you play as one of the hunters they just give up and stand there until you move.

I don’t know if it’s possible but I’d love to see them follow footprints and tracking darts/UAV spots and things like that on their own. And maybe if the player tags the environment the bots will head in that direction so maybe the solo player can still flank the monster if he wants.


I agree a radial command menu to give tactical orders to bots would be amazingly helpful in the single player game. It can get incredibly annoying when you try to booby trap the relay with mines and turrets or even just trying to guard it and the AI just runs 200 meters off trying to chase the monster. Also there have been times playing solo that I am even playing trapper and I’m trying to sneak up on the monster while he is feeding or something so I can dome him and the AI just starts shooting and the monster gets away. Atleast having the ability to toggle between engage/dont engage and follow/guard would be immensely helpful.


I’ll have stuff happen where I’ll be playing Parnell on Defend at the generator, and I’ll switch to Bucket to put up turrets - since the AI will just place 3 on top of each other NOWHERE NEAR the generator if it engages the monster (Great job bro, they’re all gone in one attack) - and as soon as I switch to Bucket, the AI uses Super-Soldier. Dude, we’re standing here alone. Now I have to wait for the cooldown when I switch back and the Monster attacks. This is besides the Medic and Trapper disappearing 100m from the generator to attack the Monster by themselves; initiative they do not have, btw, when you’re playing Hunt. Then like I said, it NEVER FAILS, as soon as you turn on Caira’s acceleration, Hyde will toss a gas grenade DIRECTLY AT YOUR FEET because he saw the monster 80m away.


Why limit that random feature to single player? I’d love there to be a vote for the whole lobby to go random in multiplayer.


I noticed today that after the new patch that not only did we get the awesome new tier 4 characters but we also got randomized opponents and Abe bot is finally darting the wildlife all on his own now. I just wanted to thank you @MacMan and everyone else at TRS for actually listening to your player base, this seems to be a rare thing for developers to do these days. Hell if this game had a random map option for custom games I would have no problem declaring to everyone I know that Evolve is now perfect in my opinion now that these small improvements have been added. Thanks again you guys are doing great work. Keep it up!


Awesome!!! Glad you noticed!!! The team has been hard at work. The day after shipping we were still here like any other day working on new stuff and making adjustments to already shipped content. We’ll keep on keepin on. :wink:


You guys don’t get enough credit for the good that you do.

Many of us are patient and reasonable. :laughing:


@Macman Hey, that’s not in the patch notes though! Also, I can’t see if the Arena click has been removed from the monsters audio, and I wager there are bunch of other awesome changes not listed. Could we get some more detailed patch notes from somewhere?

Delighted to see this drop and I’m super thankful for all the work you’ve put into the game. Looking forward to playing it tonight!


This first patch had a huge amount of changes/fixes. We were working on that stuff before we started tracking all the changes for changlists. We have since started tracking all of this stuff a lot more closely so hopefully we’ll have more detailed lists moving forward.