A Mod Request


I just wanted to make a note here to say that while we have begun to see gameplay of the new T4, and begun discussions about them, can we avoid making blanket OP, UP statements at least until we (the public) have gotten our hands on them for a few days? We’ve already begun to see a lot of this and some heated debating…and nobody here has yet touched the new hunters nor Behemoth, so it’s all speculative in nature and already filling up the forum. Sure, something can look really OP or UP while watching a video…but hands-on experience over time is still the main tell. Lets all try to keep an open mind until we get some playtime in.


I appreciate your effort, but even if you achieve this moratorium, in five days from now, they will still be created en masse. And they will still be inaccurate.

Good luck.


I really wouldn’t have a problem if all OP/UP threads were put in to one OP/UP mess thread to try to keep the forums clean… might be quite a task though!


Your art of the T4 monster is OP.


I have yet to draw Behemoth…If you mean the official preview art that was shown a while back I am flattered! But that is not my art. I will be drawing him soon though! More of the developer artists need to make themselves known around here…I know I’d love to be able to see more of their work and congratulate them on a job well done.


I was just saying, since it counts as an OP topic about something related to T4 that the community has yet to see, can’t wait to see it though.


No. This post OP. Nerf, NOW


I solemnly swear not to post any threads stating anything is OP, as I have done literally every day on this forum since I join- oh wait.