A Meteor Exploded Over Bangkok on Monday Morning: No Goliath ae spotted so far

No Goliath ae spotted so far. For now at least


He’ll come, don’t worry. And when he does, he shall be my pet :blush:

Naa normal fire, not the meteor goliath yet…

Why does every country but mine all have dashboard cams on at all time?

Cuz in India people love to get footage of emaciated mutts darting across a busy road or some milkman guiding his buffalo through a traffic jam.

Tourists, that is. Locals are used to it. :slight_smile:

Like Russia for instance. Is it just me or does every Russian have a camera in their car?

Yeah that, I saw that. O.o I guess carcams are to Russians as funny internet memes are to Americans?

looks awesome!

Lot of insurance fraud over there people faking injuries I saw one where someone just randomly stopped their car in the middle of the road another where someone threw themselves in front of a car.

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Aaaaaah, that’s the reason! :slight_smile: @Rodrat

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