A Message to Turtle Rock Studios


Ladies and Gentlemen,

How do you make a 40 year old man squeal with joy? (send him a Big Alpha download code). I just got mine, and I wanted to say thanks for the opportunity to help improve one of the most innovative games I've seen in the last ten years of gaming! Keep up the great work, and I'll hunt you all down friday when we go live! 

Much thanks!!!


I screamed like A little girl and told my wife it was time to celebrate…lol


Sweeeeeeet! Welcome aboard partner! Lets do this!


I will admit, I did a victory dance when I got my message. This weekend will rule.


Pretty sure everyone has! lol


I called in a vacation day when they announced the test dates. Ready and waiting!


Nice! @MrStrategio does that with Blizzard games. Happy to try to be in the same ballpark. :wink:


In europe it’s even more cool, you wake, up you get 32 keys :stuck_out_tongue: BAM (i’ve thrown some in on the forum in another topic)


Waiting so much! 3 days of hunt? Here i go!


Please, you guys sent this one sailing beyond that park a long time ago. Blizzard’s been left in the dust lol