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I still dont understand if you couldn’t line them up why not just say it back then and not at the last min…all today achieved in my eyes is pissing off existing players and pissing off console players


I really don’t understand how this is supposed to be a good thing for those of us who bought the game on day one. PC gamers now get the entire game for free, and we get “Founder” status, which means…nothing.


I think the only thing right now that console players would benefit to understand, when you devs are able to explain it, is what the criteria is going to be for when console players get the patch. On stream it sounded like it was just about getting this patch right before pushing it through the costly certification process… so is it just about having a new strategy for developing patches for console, or are there other business decisions at play here that mean criteria needing to be surpassed before that financial and resourcing effort is made to give console players Stage 2?


There are 12,000 players instead of 120. That’s why it’s a good thing.


I think the fact that its all now free is them pretty much admitting the game is a failure


Which means:



While I am sad that I have to wait longer for this to come out on console I realize that this is a BETA and once it is successful we will get it on all platforms.

A ton of people have been asking for the game to go F2P after launch. You can look at it as a failure or that they listened to their fanbase. Either way if more people play it the better for us players.


It’s a whole lotta everything!

The biggest cause is, this is new thing to both 2K & TRS. Neither of us have done it before. That, combined with the Quality Assurance resources required on each platform, combined w/ the process to push updates out on console… equals the wait.

Quality Assurance needs to happen to make sure it’s good to go on console, and we’ve had them all on PC to make sure this thing will work. :slight_smile:

Any update for Xbox today?

You really think 2K would be doing this if the game was a success, No they dont care about the community all they care about is numbers and desperate times call for desperate measures when them numbers are low


Of course this wouldn’t be happening if the game was a success at launch, the very top of this thread is the co-founder of TRS explaining that the whole reason that this is the route they’re going down is because unfortunately it wasn’t a success. Why exactly do you have to be a dick about it?


Thing is most of that nobody will really care about nobody is going to go out right now and buy the game to be a founder in the future…And the fact we are getting 3,000 Silver Keys means we will have to UNLOCK stuff


Yes, as opposed to PAYING REAL MONEY. This is all FREE.


“You can look at it as a failure or that they listened to their fanbase” i am explaining to him why they did it. How am i being a dick i have said nothing to insult anybody


Well, you won’t HAVE to. You’ll have the option to. Those things you’ve always had, you’ll still have. All the skins, characters, what have you. The keys you get to start can be used to get another skin you maybe had your eye on or something. Get a head start on a perk set that you really fancy. There will be things to unlock but nothing really that you’ll be forced to.


I know but why would they give us keys if we didnt need to unlock anything


My point is founders should not have to grind for anything they should get the game in full. The grinding should be reserved for the f2p


Well that’s your opinion I guess. I sort of am inclined to disagree though. Here’s the thing, everything that you had that was yours previously, you’ll still have it. The new stuff though, you’ll have to work for that but no one gets the easy path.

If the game wasn’t free to play and say they did a micro patch 8.1a and the only change they introduced was a bunch more levels and the new perk system, I wouldn’t think it unreasonable to have to level those up yourself.


I don’t understand what you’re saying, the “DLC” (characters, skins, etc.) are available to be unlocked through progression and Silver Keys. This is how the update is being advertised.[quote=“DrFaker, post:840, topic:87816”]
founders should not have to grind for anything

They only have to unlock things that they either don’t already own or things that were added after the update.


Man, and I thought I was upset about F2P with my tiny pile of salt, but comapred to some of this thread, I’m in fucking Nirvana.

Anyways, I’ve gotten over myself as the hype increases further. Stage 2 isn’t done downloading yet (has another hour :sob:), but reading all this and seeing how much work was put into making this happen, as well as seeing what was changed, gives me a lot of hope going forward. Steamcharts is going past numbers I haven’t seen since a while after Evolve came out. Crazy.

You do get the full game. Everything you currently own, you’ll still own. You will also own all the future adaptions for characters you currently own, as well as any founder-exclusive stuff that’s coming out in the future, which non-founders CAN’T get. The ONLY thing you have to grind for is 100% NEW items that EVERYONE has to grind for.


why not? i paid for the game and the dlc why should i not get the easy path