A message to everyone: Come on guys, Get it together


I would not be saying this if I did not care for the game. It holds a special place for me for specific personal reasons

We need to realize there’s a severe issue with evolve, TRS, the community AND 2k here. We’re ALL at fault. We need to accept this and improve ourselves, not hugbox and say everything is fine.

The game’s quality has rapidly gone downhill since beta.

We’re on a plane heading towards a crash. The only problem is the only people trying to stop it are being chewed out and being treated like crap for it.

Save yourselves, for gods sake.

I want this game to survive, but we’re just killing it off faster by the day. Cut it out. Stop just blaming a single party. We’re at fault because we refuse to improve ourselves, TRS is at fault because they caved in and listened to whining and bickering- not statistical proof and evidence, as well as a faulty product. 2K is at fault for banking high and pricing high on an experimental toy that’s on a downward spiral.

Come on guys, cut it out. Band together and DO SOMETHING already.

Enough with the Shitposting, the memes, and enough with the praising everything as perfect. There are issues. Adress them or we are stagnant. And with stagnancy comes death.

You said the game was fine? Why does it only have 1000 players on PC AND DROPPING? We had 21k on release, and dropped to 15k before the week was over. WE LOST TWENTY THOUSAND PEOPLE.

And don’t even TRY to claim that there’s however so many million on XBONE or PS3. We do not have factual numbers, unlike Steam.

Wake up people. We’re trying to help.

I’M trying to help. Half the time it feels like almost none of you have any sense around here.

Of course, people are going to stick fingers in their ears and go LALALALA I CANT HEAR YOU and just flag and report this, instead of facing the truth.

Please just listen, for once.





They’re not ignoring the problem, we’re not ignoring the problem, NOBODY IS IGNORING THE PROBLEM, for GODS SAKE Sarias.

We’re ignoring YOU.



And its people like you why I stay away from the game and this website

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Keep it clean and friendly please.



You are part of the reason people want to stay away. Improve yourselves for gods sake.



Or, you know, you could just be completely wrong and hold an unpopular opinion about the game.






There is an ISSUE here. We need to ADRESS it.

I wouldn’t be saying this if I didn’t care about the game.

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I feel like this is one of those threads that go downhill fast.



You have presented no issue. You’ve only said, “there’s a big problem, guys! Wake up sheeple!”

If you have access to statistics that no one else does, please share them with us. Then you might have a case.



yeah because godforbid someone has their own opinion



The only issue I ever have is that I can run around but everything else is frozen but 90% of the things people bitch about on here I’ve never experienced



I hope not. If the OP sees a problem that no one else has caught before, then he can help the community resolve it.



these are one of my problems…my main was deleted but I had a thread with clips of glitches on the xbox one. Clearly whoever works for TRS doesnt want me showing them how flawed the game is…



… dude… I thought you left…unless… YOUR ALREADY BACK!



Oh, you’re pretending everything is fine.

First of all, look at the complaints, look at the people complaining, look at the balance issues.

The only statistics we have so far is claims made by 2k and Trs for marketing sake. The only factual statistics we have are that of Steam’s.

Unless Microsoft or Sony belches out the factual numbers of players on their consoles, we will have to assume that no console playercount is true.

The problem is US.

We fix the community, and we can then give TRS/2K criticism, who can then fix the game.



I have considered trying to organize a 24 hour boycott for players across all platforms to show our seriousness about getting matchmaking fixed (I still cannot fathom how/why Monster is my LAST CHOICE yet I’ll be given Monster up to 3x in a row. No … just, no.), but in all honesty I have played Alpha, Beta, pre-ordered the game, bought the Season Pass, and bought skins for my favorite hunters, and have literally played Evolve every day since it’s release and I don’t know if I’d be able to stick to my boycott LoL. Seriously, I love this game and all the hunters and any combination of them.

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That being said, that doesn’t mean there isn’t issues.



oh… well at least we will see each other on this site, yeah? ^^



Pfft, I love how you’re making it sound like the community could fix crap. Oh we threw out some terrible suggestions now did we? Because at the end of the day that’s all they are, suggestions. THEY have the telemetry, the dev codes, the know how, the marketing, the EVERYTHING. People need to understand that there is no “we”.



But they already adressed this problem with rank mode that will be added in the next title update