A message to all medics


Remember that you are responsible for seeing you and your team to victory.

A team, is only as good as your medic.

So keep your medguns charged, your Healing drones well kept, and reload those grenade launchers. Because there is a team that depends on you to lead all of you to victory.


And for Shears sake, don’t run AWAY from the group when attacked!


I’ve won several games without a decent medic before. ^.^
But they do make it easier on you. :stuck_out_tongue:


The code we medics abide by.


Wow were you just in the same game as I was?
Ended in under 2 minutes because I think our medic used healing burst once during the match and that’s it. And they were playing slim.
Monster just took down Hank immediately, then Daisy, then the Assault, then me… Literally 0 healing.

Why would you play medic if you don’t want to heal your teammates???


I would argue that the Trapper’s skill is more of a deciding factor than the Medic’s- medic is a close second, but if your Trapper doesn’t dome till stage 3 it won’t matter if you manage to keep your team strike free.
…I really wish I could play medic and trapper simultaneously… I get so annoyed when I play one perfectly but our team gets screwed because the other is crap…


Yes i understand that, but even if you dome a monster at stage one and your medic is healing at all the chances of a win are still slim, higher, but slim. With no health coming back unless its from health regeneration the monster can just wail on anyone and do damage continuously. Thats when the dome just turns into a meat grinder, this has happened to me plenty of times.


My big problem is that I really Enjoy playing griffin. But pugging with Griffin is painful. I think he’s arguably the best Trapper, but he requires a team to help cover him when the Monster realizes that Griffin is pulling him/her off ledges and can’t make progress.


I was gonna add something along these same lines. I don’t know if the trapper is more important than the medic, but certainly as important. I’ve lost as many matches due to bad trappers as I have to bad medics. Not helping to track the monster, not doming or doming in a terrible spot, not slowing the monster, etc. The medic has one job while the trapper has several, really.


This is why I don’t understand why I see Lazarus picked so often. He can be used very well, but I seldom see it done. I feel like health regen is mandatory with most of these Lazarus players.


Actually, any of the classes can lose the game for you. I can remember kiting the monster for like a whole minute as medic, looking up proudly at the health bar…only to see it’s barely moved LOL. Thanks to the assault spinning around somewhere :smirk: Thanks buddy.

But yeah, plenty of medics don’t heal. I don’t know what they do. Just run around and pet the wildlife I guess…


Without good medic: nobody gets healed effectively (or at all) so it’s up to assault to kill monster as fast as possible and support to keep people alive.

Without good support: the group has to be more careful in engaging evolved monsters, and medic has to pick up the slack

Without good assault: the game lasts FOREVER even with a mediocre monster… The support has to revert to dealing damage as much as possible.

Without good trapper: you will never have a lengthy fight if all the domes are missed or not thrown at all, assault needs to do as much damage in short periods of time as possible.

That’s my list in terms of how hard it is to win with just one of the hunters being bad. Medic is hardest to win without and bad trapper means your going to fight a stage 3


What? I thought the point of the medic was to focus the monster’s attention and shoot him as much as possible before you go down in six seconds.


Dear Val Medics. I realize you’re probably new to the game: But try to keep your allies topped off. It’s more important than playing “Big game hunter” with your sniper rifle…

Thank you.


Even playing as Abe can be a pain. Both Maggie and Crow offer a pretty direct/comfortable tracking methods, that lend themselves well to public play. Griffin and Abe have potentially longer tracking methods but make up for it by being more useful inside the dome. I love me a good Griffin.


And for the love of god Vals, use your healing burst! I had a medic who never heal bursted, so she always died because of having low health from wildlife


I want to say that it’s important to keep everyone at 100% health when running around looking for the monster. It’s not something every medic does, contrary to what one would assume.


At least one of slims abilities is specifically geared to doing that


Yeah, you’re right! The drone is great for that. And that’s another thing I don’t see people using too often. In the games I’ve played lately, Slim seems to be used as the spore guy.


Ya i don’t see it often either but when they do sometimes thats all they use, I had slim only use spore gun, no healing at all