A Medley Of Bugs (lots of pictures)


Just a few glitches here and there. Ill explain whats happening in each picture as you see them. Let me know if you’ve seen any of these before and those that are new to be logged. @ArPharazon @Insane_521 @Shaners @LadieAuPair

1.) E.M.E.T.'s arm staying on screen at the end of defend.

2.) Strange text following a Hunter win on Defend.

3.) Dropship/Defend Ship appearing on Hunter select screen.

4.) Double Pistols when downed.

5.) Floating Medgun effects. Green sparkle.

5 1/2.) Floating Jetpack Booster effects. Yellow/ White sparkle.

6.) Griffin Harpoon tether line stays floating when nothing was hit.

7.) Sunny Jetpack Booster causes screen to turn white and spazz around.

These are all fairly recent, being taken within the last 2 months, and all occurred in public matches/ skirmish.



Huh. Never seen that one before. Any idea what the circumstances were there?


Thank you for letting us know about these!

@Insane_521 is on it! :heart:


The only ones I’m not sure are fixed are the lingering effects issues. Everything else has been addressed for TU09.


Not a clue, although it was a game where I suspected the assault had hacks of some kind, but I already talked about that in a previous thread. None of these pictures has his name.


Even 2 and 6? They seem fairly uncommon so I wasn’t sure if you’d seen them before.


The first pic made me lol. It looks like Emet decided to destroy the evac ship xD


I laughed at this so much


Number 5.5 and 7 happen way to often whenever you hot swap back and forth between Sunny. Never seen any of the others though.


I read this as my name and became super confused.


First pic of emet is intentional as everyone in the ship decided to dump him.

The flashing screen thing happens to me all the time regardless of sunny being in the team tbh.


I still have a video of the bug number 4, It only occurred once though.


is it a double rainbow? the Illuminati?