A matter of fashion: Do you prefer armor glows that change with the skin, or stay consistent?


I’ve noticed that Wraith’s and Kraken’s high armor glow seems to change stylishly with different skins.

For instance, normal Wraith has a pale pinkish glow while Magma Wraith has a very red glow.

Normal Kraken has a very bright blue while Magma Kraken seems to have a sort of purplish tint.

From what I can tell though, Goliath and Behemoth skins don’t tend to change armor glow.

So down to the questions, do you prefer armor glow changing to match the skin, or a standard armor glow?

What is your favorite skin?

Personally I love Magma Kraken and Wraith, though Jade Behemoth is growing on me.


I’d say match the skin. Having the same red glow no matter what could potentially ruin the looks of a certain skin because of clashing colors.
Visibility changes with glow color as well, of course, but visibility also changes with skins themselves so I guess TRS doesn’t care too much about that anyway.


I agree, I love jade skin on behemoth, but his orange makes it look a little tacky… I wish it was green or a more turquoise color


I must agree, I think it adds a good touch to the skin to have matching colors.

The Jade Behemoth skin looks decent with the current armor glow, but I can’t help but wonder if it could much better with a custom matching glow.

As a Hunter all the skins seem eye-catching enough, though reds and oranges are the easiest to spot.

I’d rather fight stylish Monsters than maximum visibility Monsters, though.


Hadn’t thought of it having a turquoise glow, that could look amazing!


I feel like krakens changes accordingly but no other monster does


I like it much more when the glow changes with the skin. Luckily for the most part this is the case.


I wholeheartedly agree on this Bog kraken glow takes on a slight green tinge and I would love for Behemtoh to be the same way with jade


Wraith does, at least for all the skins I’ve seen.

Her armor is less pronounced though - its the glowing lines around her spine.


Ya i noticed that today but I wish it were on all monsters, I love Wendigo on Goliath but his armour makes it unseeable…