A map you just despise no matter what side you are on?



It just feels too damn open for me.

No good cover when playing monster and that relay fight.

Running in the vast emptiness is all you do when you’re the hunter.

just makes me rage!



Lol which map are you raging over


Rendering plant


And how would your proposed make over go :stuck_out_tongue:


I generally don’t enjoy Aviary as the monster even with the changes. Really open all around especially around the Relay and the hunters have the easiest time in the world cutting you off if you try to go outside or inside since all the paths are really close to each other and there are only like 5 entrances


Rendering plant is great, I like that map a lot. Multiple areas that are viable for fights, a really technically interesting relay.

You want to talk about awful maps that are awful all the awful time and it’s Fusion Plant all the way, dragging Armory along on a leash.


Surprising how I’ve grown really fond of Fusion Plant. I used to hate it in the alpha and beta but now I’ve grown to love it for both sides.

I still dislike rendering plant. XD J


700 wins as trapper and my least favorite maps are Rendering Plant and Distillery. They both have the same problem, too big, too much shit in your way to cut off as easily as other maps.

Wraith Trap is super easy though


Refueling plant, i never, ever, win there.


I like all the maps, but if I had to pick specifically, the Broken Hill maps are definitely most difficult for me to play on.



10 char


Seconding Barracks.


Barracks lol. Although aviary sometimes comes close


Orbital Drill.

Just…GAH. Every time I see it come up in the lobby a part of my soul dies.


BH Foundry all the way, too small for monster to eat, hide, run, etc. but is way to annoying to fight on as hunters because of really steep edges, and if trapper domes in the wrong place you can be separated on 2 different floors from your teammates with no way to get to the floor above or below.