A Mammalian Type monster


I love all three of the monsters, but I wish we could have more Mammalian type looking ones. I mean the 4 we have are reptilian looking (Kraken is more Cephalopod.) They are scaly, slimy ones. Would love to see a Quadroped Mammal looking one. Can do a lion/tiger esque one. a Bear one would be cool. But what would be great is something along the lines of a skunk/badger/weasel/ferret type one. I just figure we can generate a good concept of a mammal monster.


Only problem I see with this is that the devs seem to be going with the no hair route, it’s a shame as I would love to see something like you described.


the closest we’d come is an armadillo.

i was working on a pangolin concept briefly and i searched some of macmans posts, apparently this was already a past concept.


Question, but I’ve noticed that most of your monster drawings incorporate those red tentacle like things. What exactly are those?


armadillo would be cool as well. I think a mammal monster could work well as a berserker type. A badger/weasel one can have some interesting movements and attacks. Burrowing strikes or a hide move.


well the monster from the poll would have to grapple. they’d be little tongue-tendrils that can extend.

grappling kind of limits you to bulbasaur or tongue bulbasaur


Or a monster with super stretchy limbs. We’ve seen monsters that breathe fire, shoot lightning, and teleport. We can’t rule out anything tbh.

But I do love your analogy. “Bulbasaur or tongue Bulbasaur.” I love it.


like an anteater? That would be cool and can give it skunk sprays to cover itself and hide. Possibly have wlidlife engage. But the tongue grapple is what behemoth has since he is a frog/armadillo tusked thing


I think the reason they stick to slimey/lizardy archtypes is due to the aspect of evolving. Typically, if a mammal were to evolve in that way, their hair would all fall out, or grow really really long. Most creatures in the ecosystem are also not mammals, but lizard/dinosaur like creatures. I think, at least for the most part, Shear is a planet where mammals never really… EVOLVED! hahaha… but yeah, I think a Giant Feline or Wolf monster would be awesome.


We need more cute things in Evolve.


How about a honey badger… Too OP?


I mean, Mr. Popo, you know that a Honey Badger monster is way too strong… you’re just trollin’… and rollin’!



But you would need to change nest since mammals don’t lay eggs. Destroy 6 in-labor monsters.


from the conversations all monsters are from this egg, they are goop till a point and randomly becomes one of the monsters. So they don’t have to stick to pure mammmalian biology. but it be funny seeing 6 giant laboring monsters that you have to kill. That owuld make me feel bad.


I’d only feel bad if they gave birth to little baby monsters, but seeing as they hatch full grown, they would probably pop out full grown too.