A major issue I had


So yesterday I unlock 3 characters and hit level 10. I backed out of multiplayer because its taking to long to find a match and my progress is reset

I earnes everything back but still the progress loss needs to be addressed. If it happens again or like two more times and I have to re unlock Kraken, Wraith, and third hunters over and over it will ruin the game for me. I just want to play with all the characters and enjoy the game.


I have also had a strange issue with this, as my 2k account (which may or may not be connected) had no progress and left me at lvl 1 (23 in beta with account hooked up). Also a friend of mine had tier 2 unlocked at lvl 1 with NO AMAZON UNLOCK CODE REDEEMED and got laz progress. I would like to get my stuff back, but don’t know how to access my 2k account on Xbox.


beta xbox players kept tier 2 unlocks and level didnt carry over


See my friend had the opposite issue. He just randomly unlocked all the hunters and monsters after his second game. No pre-order or deluxe versions, just a random physical copy from best buy.


Oh well lucky him


Thx, I just found that out.