A lot of new players recently


Ive been put up with ALOT of new players,mainly on quickplay

This is on XB1

any have seen this?


I’ve noticed this general trend on ps4 as well.


Is this a bad thing?


Can confirm, Xbox has gotten a lot of new players as of late.


no, not in the slightest



Saw someone coaching a buddy in Quick Play. Was pretty cool.


Just making sure. :+1:


really liking this tbh,Evolve´s rising up again


of course it is. it’s awful. why would you want there to be more people to play against. like. common sense.


I saw about 30 new people to day


I’ve noticed there’s a tonne of new players on PS4, I get matched with them pretty much every time I jump into quick-play :slight_smile:


I’ve seen quite a few of what I believe are both new and returning players on PC, before I would recognise almost anyone in the lobby, now not :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve seen a lot of level ones and such recently,
Warms my heart to hear a level 15 and below play the game. They get really into it.


Awesome news!



Been using this time to elite my Lazarous against the new monsters. Evil… I know. But effective :laughing:


I’m still stuck waiting 15 minutes for a game on PC


I would love to this on PC too. Hope TRS or 2K have some serious plans soon.


Ps4 has a ton of new hunters most of which don’t know how to activate any button commands like “hey your Assault use your… your… your… shield you have one!” or “hey we’re going after the monster do you mind shooting that big armadon on your own with no health left”