A little more Steam Controller Friendly in Evolved Stage 2


Evolved Stage 2 suggestion.

The Developer Suggested CS profile uses joystick simulated mouse input which is not ideal and poor for quick reaction time gameplay.

Using basic mouse input for touch and gyro controls are the preferred method to be as accurate and to keep par with Keyboard&Mouse players.

The game generally works well with X-input and Mouse input combination. The only issue when using X-input and mouse input is the HUD key prompts start flickering between x-input and keyboard&mouse prompts. This is an issue in most games, where the game is trying to use prompts to a devise that is currently being used.

My suggestion on this matter is to implement a HUD prompt lock option or disable prompt shifting upon mouse input.

In other thoughts, Rumble works fine so far. I still need to more testing on mouse input/x-input combo.

Thanks for your time, and thanks for keeping this great game alive on pc.