A little challenge for you all


Okay. So, as some of you older forum members may know, I preach Evolve CONSTANTLY at school. It’s kind of sickening how often I talk about it.

Today, in Freshman Requirement, my buddy Victor was talking about how all gaming communities were shit. Of course, I jumped in with the “Not the Evolve Community!” bit. He said that all communities in games are overly aggressive and can’t come together to achieve shit. I of course disagreed.

Now, in Freshman Requirement, we use a “Typing Game Website” called freetypinggame.net to help teach us our home rows. Victor told me to prove it. He said that, since I am “such an active community member” to get the community to achieve something that doesn’t have to do with playing the game. So here’s the goal guys.

In two days I go back into Freshman Requirement, and I have to show Victor what I accomplished. The goal is to play the game “Spacebar Invaders” on freetypinggame.net, on “Home Rows Mode” and Intermediate Difficulty, and get the front high score page filled with Evolve players. To prove you’re an Evolve Player, where it says to list your school, you must type in the word “Evolve”.

I’m really curious as to if we can do this. I really don’t want Victor to prove me wrong, especially about something I’m so passionate about. So let’s get to it, guys!


P.S: Please don’t add any inappropriate words, as I don’t think it will accept your score for the high score list.

P.S.S: It’s come to my attention that some of you have been having trouble. Here’s my strategy: Destroy all the aliens but one, and destroy the UFO’s as they fly by. Destroy the final alien just before it reaches the bottom.


Interesting, or how about we throw an evolve themed flash mob at your school :slight_smile:


Well, if all the Leaders, Regulars, and Mods are willing to fly out to California, I’d be down for it.


That is where trs studios is so it’d make sense!


It is!? Excuse me while I spend the next four hours of my life hunting @MacMan down using Google Maps.


I will try for you buddy.


i did it for you bro


1 Homerow only?


Homerow’s, Lesson 1.




Quickly. Invite everybody to this thread!


I got 57, trying again. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well we already have quite a few views. Ren, I’m slammed with homework. Can you please tell me how many Evolver’s have made it in Continue?


Hush. Go do your homework, fool. We will carry the torch. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks, Rennykinz!


…Not quite sure how I feel about that nickname.


Too bad. :heartpulse:


It’s not a bad nickname. ^.^
38 this time… Must get higher damn it.


I did it for ya buddy :wink:


What number?


If you see anyone on there with there school name as “Central”, they are from my school. If you see “Rapt” that’s me. :blush: