A level 40 hunter's hunter balance suggestions



Buff Medgun to 7% per second (up from 5%)
Reduce Sniper reload time by 35%.
Increase Sniper damage bonus and duration by 50%

-> This increases her healing to a rate that can rival Caira’s.
-> And also her damage buff to point where it can match Lazarus.


Increase cloak duration by 25%
Increase Lazarus device range by 500%.
Increase Lazarus device cooldown by 100%.

-> This fixes Lazarus’ most pressing issue where monsters can just predict him coming and camp by the corpse. It also ensures that it is not so overpowered by increasing its CD.


Reduce her healing grenade’s area of effect radius by 20%.
Reduce her healing grenade’s healing by 25%.

-> This resolves Caira’s severely overpowered self-healing and splash healing to bring it on par with Val.


Increase his multi-rocket launcher’s rocket speeds by 50%.
Decrease his shotgun’s spread by 30%.

-> This will resolve Parnell’s greatest weakness from his poor accuracy.


Dart Gun now has a chain lightning effect: firing at one creature causes it to ricochet it off to 4 other creatures within a certain radius each immediately. Each creature that has been darted will then auto-dart other creatures in close proximity. No limit on max chains.

Stun Grenades now buffs all allies’ speed, recharge, and reload times by 30% in its area of effect.

Shotgun now has a ricochet effect: bullets bounce off from walls, so if the monster is attacked at a corner, the damage will be magnified by as much as 200%.

Smell: Abe now has a low-ranged smell ability to detect all creatures, including the monster, in a radius of 10m.

-> This will mitigate Abe’s issue in finding the monster at first.
-> It will also give Abe an ability to stop monster from hiding in corner


3 letters needed here : lol


wtf? i mostly play hunter and on pc we already have too little monster players… this would be terrible changes.


I would go one step further:

Every hunter can:

  • heal like Caira
  • revive like Lazarus
  • multiply damage and shoot through walls like Cabot
  • raise arena
  • dart any wildlife in a range of the map with one click
  • place mines, harpoons, stasis grenades
  • also dmg of each hunter = assault damage, and every hunter is accompanied by trapjaw (new names please ? what could it be ? Aisy, Baisy, Caisy, Daisy ?)
    Did I miss something ? (your suggestions, please ?)


Sorry, but this will never happen, interesting ideas, but no lol


I would do this:

-10% healing per grenade.
+10% healing within a third of its blast radius. (Rewards accuracy even more.)
+7.5% damage for napalm DOT effect

-40% duration on tranquilizer.
+When tranquilizer effect and med gun are active, Val gains a health regeneration buff temporarily.

+12.5% damage.
+10.95% stronger healing burst.
-Healing drone maximum distance is reduced to 200m.
-Healing drone can no longer exit or enter domes.

+10% stronger healing burst.
+Lazarus is immune to movement impairing effects while revivifying someone. (Abduction, tongue, etc.)

+15% mine damage.
+10% lightning gun capacity.

Hyde and Parnell:

-10% mortar damage.
+50% mortar range (NOT blast radius).
+2.5% shotgun damage.

+2.5% launcher damage.
+33% sentry gun range.
+2.5% UAV movement speed.

-10% recharge time on dust tagging.

+1.75% mini nuke damage.

+5.65% shield capacity.

+Daisy can be controlled when Maggie is dead.

+1.5% sound spike radius.
+2.75% sneaking detection radius.

+5.85% tracking dart duration.

+1.5 second cooldown for Gobi.
+3.65% Gobi range.


How about we just go the easier route and saw off all the monsters limbs so it can’t move and as soon as the hunters drop they can kill it in 10 secs, because this is what you want right? To just have super easy wins as a hunter?


The things said in these statements were simply suggestions. I do disagree with the monsters’ limbs being cut off however, since that would be incredibly unfair as you said. That would be a drastic move, and would attract controversy. Regardless, the developers have the final say in which hunters or monsters will be modified. The ideal would be 50% of wins being attributed to the monster, and 50% to the hunters.