A Letter to Evolve


I’ve been with Evolve since the very beginning…

I remember the day. I was on the GameStop website for whatever reason, and for whatever reason this game caught my eye. Other than the title and the footprint coverart, there was zero information on the game. But I was already intrigued and hooked.

I remember when the first gameplay was revealed. I was siting in my kitchen, and I eagerly clicked on the video awaiting to be amazed. What I watched blew my expectations out of the water. The design, the characters, the gameplay, The HUNT. I loved that aspect. Finding the monster before the fight. When the tyrant came out of the water…it was just amazing. And of course, the Monster. Eating. Evolving. I hadn’t been this exciting for a game in all my life.

I remember when the game got delayed. It was disappointing. But it just added to my excitement overall. I remember watching the kraken reveal, thinking how different this monster was compared to the Goliath. I wanted more. And then the alpha was announced. I did whatever I could to get in, and I did.

I remember the night before Halloween. So excited to play evolve finally. The spooky atmosphere was perfect. I was so so ready…

I remember being extremely disappointed when the alpha failed on the ps4. Soooo many people were already dissing the game. But I was still excited. And when I finally played Evolve for the first time, it was as amazing as I had imagined. I didn’t care that it took 30+ min to get into a match. It was worth it. I preordered the game.

I remember reading an article about the dlc plan. I remember reading the pissed off comments hating on the game. Comments from people who hadn’t played the game…

I remembered being concerned

I remember launch. Getting the game in the mail. Playing the game. Taking down a fully armored, full health, stage 3 Goliath…it was beautiful. I could go own about my amazing evolve games. I loved evolve. But I was one of few.

I remember not too long after launch and it was already taking forever to find matches. I remember being sad, even angry. I seemed to be the only person who saw this game as a masterpiece. Yes, it had its flaws. But evolve was not deserving of the neglect that it received.

I remember when I finally stopped playing evolve. It was hard. But all I saw was the game going down. Less players. Questionable changes to the game. I had to let it go. It was tough

I remember almost selling evolve. But I didn’t. I still hoped deep down that it would have a second life.

I remember hearing about the #stageup countdown. I thought it wouldn’t make a difference. Everyone was just speculating more dlc. Making fun of a game they never played.

I remember beings surprised learning that evolve was becoming free to play, and how everything would be available to unlock through gameplay. I almost just ignored it. It disgusted me how people were now complaining about evolve being free to play. The same people who denounced evolve for being too expensive. They said how the developers were “greedy.” They said it wouldn’t make a difference. But I decided to give evolve another chance. I installed the game on my PC and started playing.

I remember why I loved evolve now. People were playing. Working together. Close and exciting matches. The progression and new unlock system. I forgot about the thrill of the hunt. The tension when playing as the monster. I’m glad I went back to evolve. And I hope others give it a chance. Yes there are flaws. But what games don’t have flaws? I hope Turtle Rock keeps working on their fantastic game through the negativity. I will continue to support and play this game.

I will be with Evolve to the very end…


I can relate to this, even tho I don’t play it anymore it’s still the best game I’ve ever played. But back in the day when the playerbase was gone and the matchmaking sucked because of it I just couldn’t play it anymore. But right now some friends want to try it out so I’ll be joining them, hoping for the best so I can enjoy this game again.