A legendary Wraith game with a legendary Support!


I just had to share this game with all of you guys. I played a slew of matches tonight with my close friends on a team against me as monster, among them the numero uno PC Cabot, Buster Brown Skin. We had some great games with me as Monster, but this one easily takes the cake. I hope you enjoy it! ESL style, they knew i’d be Wraith and wildlife buffs were off. Decide for yourself if Wraith is still good!



Lol that was flipping awesome. I hope he was playing when he said bitchy lol.


That was a good match. They don’t get much closer lol


Do you record with OBS? If so, I have some tips to up the quality of the video if you’d like.

Cool match!


Not OP but I record a fair bit with OBS so tips are welcome!

Watchign vid now :smiley:


Nice game!

But imo your screen brightness is a bit too high :smile:


I actually never use abduct… I need to learn this !

Thank you for the video !


Wow! Never thought the abduction can be so useful! Also why didn’t you choose decoy during stage 1 or stage 2? I can’t survive without it lol


Excellent gameplay dude! I only play Goliath as monster but it’s nice to see some new combat strategies for when I wanna try something different every now and then :slight_smile:


One thing I really dig about Evolve is that when you lose, you feel like it’s your fault (usually) and can tell what you did wrong. This match kind of proves that to me once again. :slight_smile: The one who was playing Maggie should have used her Harpoon Traps more - from what I saw in this video, Harpoon Traps can really mess with the Wraith, considering how dependent she is on mobility. Also, I had no idea she was this squishy in Stage 1, LOL.


My actual game is the intended murky dark setting, but it made the video look very grainy, so I added brightness to it with the YouTube editing settings to make it easier to see everything that was happening.


I don’t believe in decoy for a couple reasons. First, it’s a very lame move. I don’t enjoy making the AI fight for me. It’s cheesy and I can do a better job than a robot.

Second, against s good team, it’s useless in a fight. They just pepper the real me constantly and punish me while I can’t warp away. You need to accept that there WILL be a fight, that there NEEDS to be a fight stage 2 with Wraith, because a competent team with no strikes will tear a stage 3 wraith to shreds. And there’s no room for low impact abilities there.

I will say it has a use, and that’s against Lazarus and maybe Val. I tried to use it here to eat the assaults body during the stage 2 fight, but the team immediately saw through it and stopped me from eating, illustrating my point.

You don’t need a robot to survive!


this game was one of the funnest games i’ve had in evolve! so glad to have played with you uys and have you recording :smiley:

PS: the “that was so bitchy” at the end was because we wanted a fight to be the deciding factor of the game not a relay win. but regardless it was excellent play on both sides!


You think I’d be crazy enough to have another teamfight with you guys? You would have torn me apart! :stuck_out_tongue:


good match, was fun to watch!


wish there was more people like you out there instead of scrubs who rely on decoy :'O


If a Monster scrub is decoying his way to victory he surely must’ve played against equal Hunter scrubs. Without Laz you get several strikes easily with lvl 3 wb wraith at evo1. Decoy on the other hand provides nothing but a handicap for the Monsterplayer himself short of being a mine clearing tool.


In order to do that you have to put them in a false sense of security by doing it a few times and not going to the body against good teams then after you notice them not gaurding bodies anymore then yiu can do it


Eh, I get that, but your team got completely killed and he had you guys hanging by a thread twice. The first time when some of your team hid for the dropship, and again at the very end when he killed all of you at the generator. Granted you guys were spawning back in, he won that fight, and not in a cheap way either. I definitely give you guys credit though, you put up an amazing fight and we all know he probably would’ve died if he had to fight all of you guys again.


I know there’s a better way to do it, but I was seriously sweating at the time, and KorpenCat (@Jacob_Brooks) knows me extremely well so he was coaching them through everything I was trying to do. :stuck_out_tongue: