A kind message for Turtle Rock Studios


Evening there TRS,

A message here from down under! I think it would be great to begin with providing background on where I come from and who I represent!

I am from an Australia/New Zealand/Oceanic Evolve group I created for the smaller oceanic community to find games during the tough times evolve faced during its teenage game years so to speak!

We have followed every article, all media and works regarding evolve and what took place during its development, I was always deeply passionate about the game and attempted to retain my regions community as many who did not fall prey to some of the misinformation, or those frustrated with the lack of balancing/update frequency were still able to enjoy the game when they could play with a full group!

My own competitive background and early start playing evolve at PAX Australia prior to the beta had lead me well regarding small evolve competition within the oceanic region, This sadly was a double edged sword as many frustrations were born due to the infrequent patching and so on your team were forced to engage in.

Evolve stage two had some great additions but overall felt like another step in the wrong direction further simplifying the gameplay and having the game almost play itself for you, such as the instant dome and shared dome, free map scans etc.

We here all stuck to evolve legacy despite unfortunately being a point where a few bugs were present reducing some characters one being my favourite to being unviable. We still love the experience, Watching the group theory craft and even partaking is an awesome thing especially for a game discontinued.

I suppose now is a great time to get closer to the point, I would like to ask if it would be possible to discuss the game as a whole with someone from the team at TRS as well as a question/request regarding the existing players ability to experience all the game has to offer!

Id like to close with a thank you, I and those around me only know what was published regarding the development process of evolve. Your team did an incredible job at creating something New, Fresh and immersive. There was a lot of love poured into the characters and community, Something a little too few and far between in current times. Thank you for all the hard work, risks you had taken and most of all… thank you for making us fans feel heard and appreciated over the years,

If you find the time to reply, I assure you it is being awaited eagerly.
Much appreciated.

Kindest Regards,



Stage 2 was no where near going in the wrong direction.


I’m not entirely sure if I understand what your request for “experiencing all the game has to offer” would mean. I’m sure you know that TRS has no authority when it comes to Evolve.


While I am sure there are people at TRS who would like to help, the ownership of all files have been transferred to 2K Studios. I’d suggest reaching out to them, but I would not get your hopes up, depending on what it is exactly that you’re asking for.


Evolve is gone and TRS doesn’t even have the rights anymore.They’re making a new game.

As for the “experiencing all the game has to offer”.No one experienced it.
2K fucked up the game before it even launched.


I went by Schindlers Fist back then.

Thank you mountain. I was not aware 2k owns the IP.


Wb Eros. Been a long time.


To explain more, when Stage 2 died 2K basically divorced TRS, and took the kids (IP) with them. It’s rather unfortuneate that TRS cannot even get in basic contact with 2K about problems within the game, and it seems like there’s a common trend where certain hunters and monsters, especially the variants, are locked for mysterious reasons.

I don’t think 2K has any interest in fixing it either, as we can see how poorly they treated the game when it was on life support.

As for your remarks on S2, there were things I liked and things I hated. The overall goal of S2 was to make the game MUCH more user-friendly for new/casual players, while keeping the core playerbase satisfied.

That explains why there was the everybody-dome and Trapper getting the scanner, so this way Trapper didn’t cripple the Hunter team if they were new and didn’t know how to play properly.

This is also why a lot of core Evolve players reverted back to Legacy, since it had more depth than S2 did.

In all, Evolve will always be my favorite game, and its’s imperfections are exactly why I think it’s perfect. Everybody learned from the game, and I look forward to TRS releasing their next game. I have high hopes because this time it’s the industry that’s in trouble, and TRS might become a shining light through the dark times. At least that’s what I’m hoping for.

I hope you stick around and look forward to see whats coming in the future for TRS.