A key suggestion for improving gameplay


Evolve Developers,

I was an avid player during the Alpha on the PC, and I am thankfully back in the action for the Beta! I just wanted to address something that could give players a more enjoyable experience!

1.) Running. Running/sprinting through an environment is one of my favorite features of any first person shooter. It allows you to have a much more realistic feel to a game, and is crucially needed when you are trying to chase someone or something down. While I am running in this game I feel extremely sluggish, and it quickly loses the feel of “a chase.” If the hunter’s and monster’s numbers could be bumped up just slightly, you’d instantly feel an improvement in game play.

Thank you for your time, I hope this makes it’s way to the developers, and now to play more Evolve!


Hunters are meant to be slower then the monster, you’re supposed to cut the monster off an slow him down, you can also jet pack boost an pick a movement speed perk if it matters to you a lot


This is why I would like to see both hunter’s and monster’s mobility increased, that way the balance of the game is unaltered while increasing the thrill and enjoyment of the game.


I’m a huge fan of mobility myself, but I actually feel like the movment speed is about perfect for both sides.


I suppose this could just be me who thinks this. I just know in games such as Crysis, I feel like I am in a legitimate sprint while running. Unlike this game, where I feel weighed down, and sluggish.


I get what you mean, sprint is great looking and feeling in an action game. If they did add a sprinting feature it might be cool if hunters had a slightly lowered base speed for the monsters sake.

Mobility in Evolve is definitely fun as is, but I do get the urge to sprint when I run the jet pack dry.


There is a ‘sprint’ function. It is just always on by default. Also, these guys are hunters, not marathon FPS runners. They also carry a lot of gear/jetpacks. Just be glad their isn’t stamina as well as jetpack.

Also, the Hunters are going about 5-6 meters per second. That averages to around 11-13 Miles Per Hour which is comparable to the average human for sprinting. Longer marathons are usually closer to 5-8 Miles per hour. This is very close to average running speed of humans. So it’s pretty close to realistic.


My mistake, I originally thought that the OP was suggesting something new - like the sprint button in CoD.

The speed of travel works well now, the only reason to prefer a sprint mechanic is because it adds authenticity to what you’re watching. A stamina system on top of that, like you mention, is probably a bad idea though at this point because it would either be pointless fluff or require the whole game to undergo a refactoring process.

Adding the common sprinting mechanic as a closer to surface level interaction would be great for immersion/realism but it could only work in synchronization with the original system. Hence the final sentence of my first post.

I’m curious if/why the developer chose the classic approach to ‘running’ in Evolve that is otherwise very refreshing.


They mention many times that they try to keep everything simple so there is more focus and attention on what is happening on screen. I’m thinking that it was just easier this way. Less clutter and complications.


Well you are wearing a jetpack and holding a variety of heavy weapons. They aren’t super soldier (except parnell) so why would they be able to tear through the jungle with sniper rifle in hand?


Well that’s exactly why a stamina system is unnecessary. The sprinting mechanic itself is no more complicated to use than any other hunter ability though.

Think about hunters sprinting as a separate mechanic with an in-game perspective, sprinting gives hunters more mobility on the ground against a monster. This also takes pressure off hunters to use the jet pack during a battle. The jet pack could then be tuned to suit the macro scale of play, like chasing and running away. This also means the monster could be more powerful because there’s more scaling to work with.

Ultimately this feature could open a wider range of play for either team. Which would be great for the competitive side of the community.


I just hope the performance is better on release day, and that with so many players I will actually be allowed to play the role I want to play for once.

That is all I ask for.


i’ve not yet played the game, but i read that there are two characters who increase movement speed of fellow hunters.
perhaps this is the solution