A Idea to try and make everyone happy with new content


here is my idea: add a campaign that unlocks new maps depending on which side you play as. so you complete a mission in the campaign as hunters that means you can only play that map as hunters or pay $5 to unlock the map for both sides. you can make it so you have to complete a area to earn multiple maps like lets say the Broken Hill campaign(must complete broken hill mine and broken hill foundry to unlock maps) and charge map packs from $10 to $60. you can make it so you can change the difficulty and depending on that difficulty you win awards(emblems, skins, maps, and more). I hope this idea gets used in some way and if they already said something like “no campaign” please let me know. this was my first Topic and I hope evolve will keep improving.:smiley:


It’s a fun idea, but it’s kind of late to implement. Plus adding anymore Paid DLC will just add more reason for people to rip on Evolve’s DLC. And the developers stated maps would always be free.
But a campaign would be lots of fun. :slight_smile:
Maybe not a single player campaign, but missions in multiplayer would be a blast.


I meant the campaign was free but you can gain maps by buying them. you can earn them or be lazy and just buy them so technically they would still be free and better late than never. :grinning:


This will make a lot of people unhappy though. Even if they were free by playing them and unlocking them, all people would see is DLC worth of several hunreds of dollars/euro/whatevs.
Btw, still think that skins should be marked with the tag [Cosmetic] in the shop.


No buyable DLC’s!


TRS said any new maps would be free.

Evacuation is pretty close to your idea, just without DLC maps. You play either Hunters or Monsters are try and win on maps you choose.


I put this in Suggestions since it is an idea :wink:


I just want to say 2 things 1st this was just a idea they could think about implementing into the game and change the idea to better fit the game. 2nd they have made the 3rd characters purchasable so they would put a price on things that can be unlocked normally and the money would motivate them to make more maps at a quicker pace.


What do you mean third characters purchasable? You mean like Caira, Cabot and the bunch?


Do what now? If you mean Teir 3 you just unlock them…right???
I don’t see them in my store???


On the Xbox store you can find the third hunters there.


You should apply to work at ea, they’d love to have you.



No, but seriously. No one can afford that.


The maps could be bought or earned and EA makes broken games and sells them as DLC. This was the last time I’m checking this topic.


“We’re sorry. The server is changing to a map you haven’t unlocked. Please go unlock it or buy it. There’s the door until you do”

Going to have to pass personally. A huge point of the game was to never divide the community in online play.