A idea for a new support


He or she would have a device that disguises the whole hunter team as different classes. He or she also has a very weak but fast assault rifle with a lot of ammo that has a secondary effect depending on the class the support is disguised as. Medic=self healing. Assault=damage amp. trapper=movement reducer.I wanted to write this before I forgot. I have muted this topic because I am tired of constantly responding back.


You’d know who was who based on the abilities/weapons they were using.


Yes some abilities will reveal what hunter is what but most weapons you wouldn’t be able to tell who is shooting. To use him/her you and your team would have to be very strategic.


Distinctive hunter weapons/items:

Griffin’s harpoons
Electro griff gun
Crow’s Rifle
Crow’s stasis
Val’s medgun
Caira’s grenades
Slim’s leech gun
Jack’s repulsor
Paladin Parnell’s healing rockets
Class abilities
Basically every assault weapon


Caira’s grenades and some other weapons, you have to focus on a hunter to tell if he/she shot it. If you have 3 unidentifiable hunters behind you and caira shoots at you from behind you wouldn’t be able to tell who fired what. Not too mention the recharge on the disguising device would be available for reuse every 30 or so seconds meaning if you can leave the monster’s sight you can confuse the monster in battle.


Cabot adaptation should have a auto rail gun or something…


That isn’t necessarily true, and I imagine its unlikely for you to be in a situation where you would have difficulty telling who fired what when many of these weapons are incredibly distinctive.

The whole disguising thing seems gimmicky anyways. Its like with cloaking, it will either be incredibly effective because the monster player can’t deal with it, or useless because the player can. It places its usefulness in the monster’s inability to figure his shit out.


Same could be said with kala and her teleporters Or lazarus with the cloak and Lazarus device or Daisy. Besides the developers can adjust certain hunters and monsters including the visual effects of the weapons. It was just a idea so if they are interested they can adjust it to however they want. And lastly it’s not like every player must play as him/her, most hunter players usually pick 1 or 2 favorite hunters to play per class and monster players should be able to fight against any kind of hunter if not, then that hunter would most likely be removed.


Not nearly as much as a skill that “does nothing”. Its map traversal if nothing else, even if it isn’t effective in combat.

Who would call daisy gimmicky? A rezzer puts pressure on the monster.


Except those are core aspects of their kits that, in the hands of smart teams, are powerful enough to hold their own unless you’re in comps or something.

A disguising type tool would literally be useless against a monster with eyes. There are just so, so many cues to show who’s who.

I mean, say you attack the “Medic.” The real Medic is, obviously, going to start healing them. Or they will die. When they do? Bam, there’s Medic- they’re dead meat.

If you focus the disguised Assault, they’ll eventually pop DM, revealing that they are Assault. Trapper will have to use some sort of CC to survive- Jack, Maggs/Waggs, Crow and Abe all do this. Griffin, not so much, but the lack of him doing anything basically reveals it to be Griffin.

If you focus a disguised Support, they will eventually pop Shieldburst which, again, gives it away, assuming they use nothing else.

Medics are obvious.

There are just too many things that would blow a hunter’s cover. For a disguise to work, you’d basically have to have no one shooting or using abilities.


Well disguise or not the monster usually focuses on one hunter and hunters still win, and the disguise is only ment to confuse the monster for a short time and it’s unlikely you will be fighting in a open space meaning every corner is a opportunity for a new disguise, not to mention the assault rifle could provide buffs that will make the monster weaker depending on what class the support looks like.


Kala’s teleporters can be extremely helpful in a fight and technically all hunters have at least 1 gimmick, But they usually do the same thing depending on class and that is why we have classes for certain hunter’s gimmicks, which is why renegade Abe is a assault, cause his gimmick is he provides DoT weapons.


I think you are confused on what gimmick means. Or at the very least what I mean by it.


Gimmick means something unique, or at least in evolve is one reason you choose 1 hunter over another. That is why people choose certain hunters most of the time, because of their gimmick/unique ability or weapon.


I don’t think I’ve seen any definition of gimmick like that one. In games, gimmicky mechanics, abilities, or what have you, are things that are thought of as generally useless because they are rather limited in what they can do. They are specialized to a hyper extreme which leaves them practically worthless.


Huh, well now I know what you mean but there still are hunters that are gimmicky.


Uh, no there aren’t. At least there aren’t any hunters that are worthless in their gimmicks. Who would you name as a gimmicky hunter? Lazaurus? To an extent yah. Slim? He can be pretty powerful yo, he has an ability that does nothing, but that will be changed eventually and the rest of his kit is solid. Emet? Trapper tracking skills that are pretty much worthless? They probably need to do a pass over them. Really now, who are you talking about?


I agree with you, no current hunter has a gimmick but by that logic the support idea I had is not a gimmick. He/she could use the kit effectively or ineffectively just like all hunters. Besides this was just a idea I had, I just wanted to post this and hopefully give the developers ideas. And I know you’re just going to respond with “no you don’t agree” or “he/she is useless and it’s a stupid idea” every one has their own opinions. You gave facts why he/she would have issues but now after i came up with solutions, it dwelled into opinions which we all have. Some people will like this idea and some will not. You obviously don’t like this idea. Just a post to give some ideas to the developers. I’m sorry but this is starting to get annoying. Please don’t continue replying to try to prove me wrong.


Okay, can you name any hunters or individual abilities? I would like to hear you say what you believe is a gimmick.

To an extent yah. You could easily overtune the other numbers on his abilities but the ability to disguise hunters effectively “does nothing”, it doesn’t reduce the damage the monster does, it doesn’t keep people alive longer, it doesn’t deal damage to the monster, it doesn’t slow the monster down, if that isn’t a gimmick I don’t know what is.

What solutions are you referring to? The assault rifle buff thing?

I apologize for any discomfort I may have caused you to have.


Lazarus’s sniper rifle is almost useless and feels like a copy of val’s sniper rifle only with a slight change which makes it feel like a gimmick or cabot’s rail cannon because of its low fire rate and low damage output with the only upside is the ability to shoot through 1 wall which feels like a gimmick. The disguise is ment to distract the monster for a short period of time and with the right amount of skill and a good team could be used very effectively which makes it not a gimmick. The solutions I am referring to is the previous questions you asked and ideas I suggested for those questions. the assault rifle was not a solution but his weapon in battle.