A.I voice to sexy?


I think the voice that teaches you about a newly selected characters is to sexy and disrupts the gameplay. Thoughts?

Requesting option to never play as the monster

Sexy voice makes you want to listen to her.


A’men to that.


I think Krakens posture is too sexy as well


I want the sexy voice to be nerfed to say 40 year old virgin while eating


I wouldn’t mind changing it to Glados’s voice :slight_smile:


We need to censor the Wraith. I mean, c’mon TRS! She’s completely naked.


Goliath is basically a stripper and dont even get me started on the pre-order skin


What about Goliath’s face? I mean gawd damn he’s fine. 11/10 would hunt.


Game too sexy, pls nerf


But for real, this is a joke thread, right?


You keep your liver spotter hands off of her! She is a saint!


I hope so…




It’s sexy enough to make people pay attention and learn their Hunter. Perfect the way she is.


yes it is a joke


A.I. is love, A.I. is life.


Oh man a glados cameo would be extremely sexy.


Oh god, between the name of the thread and this post, you just made me recall a ridiculous dream I’d forgotten upon waking up this morning. It was a really quick and goofy one.

It started from the perspective of a hunter in the cinematic wraith trailer. I remember thinking “the wraith is based off of a siren that sings you to your doom”, so when the Wraith appears, she is singing “hips don’t lie” in Shakira’s voice, and everyone else on my team is falling for it, and follow her into the mist. I start to panic from being alone in the jungle, so I call the dropship and get beamed up. As I get to the ship, I notice on a monitor that there music video of Shakira, but instead of singing, she is hissing and spitting in the Wraith’s voice, thrashing around the stage beating the snot out of the backup band. I wake up feeling weirdly disoriented.

I really need to watch what I eat before I go to bed, methinks… :laughing:


Whomever they had to the VO on those was PERFECT. She sounded clear, professional and concise. A great voice for that kind of presentation.