A high quality image of Wraith eating


Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone had a good still image of Wraith eating, preferably from the front such as in the beginning of a Hunt match, and ideally a PNG, or a GIF of the whole animation. I’ve tried looking at the streams and trying to screen shot it, but the quality just isn’t very good. Does anyone have an image like this? And if not, could a dev like @MacMan post one in here?


I found one of those better !


Not bad xD

I’m really looking for one where you can see the stream of gore being sucked from the body to the Wraith’s mouth.


Kind of like this except not horrible looking.


Not sure that’ll be something we’ll get for a while :frowning:


Could you grab it from the start of the interactive trailer? Idk if it showed it or not, but it should be better quality


Yeah that’s why I thought it would be really great if a Dev came in here and gave me an animation file or something xD

I don’t think they showed it in there, but I’ll watch it again to check!


Bit off-topic, but what is the Wraith actually doing when he eats? Does he suck the blood out of a corpse? liquify the meat in order to slurp it up? Or does he drain the dead creature’s essence/soul?


1st, not sure. 2nd, the wraith is a she


That’s an interesting question. It looks like she devours the whole thing down to the bone, so I wouldn’t say she sucks blood. I think that she just sucks all of the meat clean off of the corpse.


Here you go.


I always figured the Wraith for a soul sucker. So much more efficient then eating. :slight_smile:


I’d say it’s a kind of opening a ‘warpgate’, just like she does with everything. Just manipulates subspace/quantum particles/whatever is that warp based on.

I think it just moves every particle in the corpse she can use separately. It creates that stream of moving dust of meat. Sucks everything she could use, clean off the corpse, lefts the bones because they’re useless in regards for nutrition. Uses that energy to enhace her own metabolism so she can trigger the ‘evolve’.


This is off topic, but is your title a reference to the deadlights?


Actually, it’s one of the reasons I picked it, but otherwise it’s from a thread Plaff and SlinkyGuy did to give out christmas evolve -related titles.