A hidden story?


So this may be nothing but I’ve been piecing together little bits said about in the game and there might be quite a sinister little story behind the the scenes so to speak in the game.

Caira mentions the creature being dealt with couldn’t have laid those eggs. (possibly suggesting the behemoth).

When you break an Egg with Ciara about she suggests the cell structure of the eggs shouldn’t be able to grow into the creatures.

There’s a couple of pre-drop conversation. One about a colony that died of a “plague” with the implication being as there were no survivors and no evidence of a plague pathogen it’s suggested maybe these monster or similar were behind it.

Maggie briefly describes a similar thing happening on her planet and states she and Daisy were the only survivors after 2 years running and surviving.

At one point Hank is talking about planetary mining and how the stuff costs so much normally people have to give a percentage over and companies will send the equipment over instead. During it he mentions how in a place like Shear the costs etc mean it’s very hard getting in the black.

What we also know is there is an orbital mining operation on Shear.

So could it be that this whole event is infact a giant piece of industrial sabotage by some unknown entity hell bent on gaining the mineral wealth of Shear.


…Isn’t that what the Hub is trying to do?


It’s either Cig9 or the hub behind it.


@Dwavenhobble your middle two points about the plague and maggie surviving are both referring to the same events that happened on Factor. Sorry you may have already lined that up but just in case:)

But it definitely looks like something/one sending monsters to expanding Hub or Nordita worlds (I don’t know who controlled Factor)