A heartfelt(PSA?) message to all


This is a game driven by communication. If you got a problem with people using the mic, or believe that you have the right to tell them to be quiet because you don’t like their voice, then you shouldn’t be playing this game.


Doesn’t really feel heartfelt.


Or, you can tell that person that there is a mute button in-game (Escape - Player Options - Click on the person’s badge - Mute).

Problem solved.


That’s kinda the opposite of this thread. I believe they want people to communicate more often.


Me and @GoGoGoliath got told to shut the fuck up during a match :joy: “Listen for the Monster”


:joy: Was he doing a Griffin there? (see video below)


I agree to disagree OP , if your voice is annoying as fk i WILL mute you for sure. Same goes for bad microphone that does weird sounds.

I also bet you are playing ingame sounds loudly along with some punk underground music to annoy ppl even more :^)


You also get points deducted for trying to instigate.


How charming.


I feel like this is a PSA more than a “heartfelt” message :stuck_out_tongue:


Aw. I came here to feel warm and fuzzy. Now I just feel sorely misled :frowning:


Sounds a lot like any new player expecting a fun time and instead get yelled at because he’s not the narrator from darkest dungeon or, you know, new,


That’s something that can happen in any game. And you can always mute that specific person (through the steps mentioned earlier).

There will always be people like that, just know it won’t happen every time you play.


Yeah I just mute people with young high pitched voice,loudl music/sounds,bad microphone,russians and never say something like ‘stfu fagget’

but you gotta understand that not everyone wanna hear your bad voice and if they mute you,they had reason probably


That guy was a jerk :frowning:


Ban @The_Specialist from evolve stage 2 for being rood to @GoGoGoliath



No, someone else told us to shut the fuck up. Although yes, Ban Specialist for not believing my victory against the same premade 3 times in a row as Monster :cry:


I will mute you if

-You are russian,serbian,or from any country that speaks cykablyat languange

-If you are a flamer or whiner

-If you are a 10yo or have a girly chipmunk voice

What u gon do about it


[quote=“Alucard_Shadow, post:14, topic:99898”]
[/quote]Nearly everyone i encountered were very abusive towards me and other players


you mean russians were abusive to you? that is very common , if you hear cyka blyat it means they dislike you.