A guide to maps?


Hey everyone,

I was wondering if anyone knew of a collective forum thread or website or anything that went into detail with the maps of Evolve. When reading certain posts here or watching some of Maddcow’s awesome vids, I notice people tend to talk in a way that denotes a lot of map expertise (i.e., wildlife spawn locations, secret areas, feeding grounds, popular places the monster goes).

Outside of just continually playing the game, is there a resource around that allows a study of these maps?


You could try Evolvehype.com. I think they have what you’re looking for.


Awesome, thank you :slight_smile:





There is a evolve player guide book you can get with a detailed map to map information on feeding grounds and secret areas and good fighting areas for each side as well.


Feel free. I’m not updating this anymore. I think I’m done with Evolve.