A Guide To Beating the Wraith


Now this is a story all about how that Wraith is about to get his life twisted and turned upside down. Not let me take a minute and you can just sit right there and I’ll explain to you how to make it more fair.

In Evolve land you play and spend most of your days. Chillin out maxin and relaxin all cool, shootin some *Vball outside the acid pool, where a wraith showed and, starting playing you for a fool. You got in one little fight and you got scared, said you’ve had it with the mechanics its just not fair. You begged and pleaded with the devs for days, but they sent you packin with your noobish ways. So you though man forget it; onto the forums to better prepare.

*VBall ( Venon Ball ( A game played with the venom hounds ) )

Yeah ok; I don’t know what I was thinking with that but it sounded good in my head.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Hunters of All aegis. Welcome to your guide to beating the Wraith.

Down to things to know about the Wraith. It’s a versatile class with a lot of damage but much less defense then the other creatures. Its health is much lower as well. This is where the balance comes in. If you want to take down a Wraith you have to be prepared to monitor everything going on around you. You most likely will not catch a good wraith until it is level 3. This is because it has a massive advantage on speed. But its always worth the hunt and the thrill of the chase. But know that even at Level 3, a Wraith can still be destroyed.

Things To Remember:

1: The Wraith Buff looks to be a large cloud it is very noticeable if you look for it. If you see this cloud or see that you are in that cloud you need to move as far away from it as you can, this will stop the Wraith from being able to DPS you all down, If you are very spread out and not in his cloud he will only be able to grab 1 person with abduction and pull them into the cloud and at that time the rest of the team can save, protect or smash the boss while that one person is in the cloud.

2: The wraith dose better AOE DPS Then Single Target DPS, so if you all stack up its game over, that wraith is going to do just as much damage to the guy next to you as he is doing to you, and that dose not bode well for an entire time if they are all together. Stay spread apart the medic gun has a massive range on it for healing, the grenades do well too. If you have a confident LAZ then they will know what to do.

3: The Wraith Teleport can be countered once you learn the dash distance you can easily start shooting ahead to where the wraith is going to be and not where he was. It takes some getting used to but eventually you will get the hang of it.

Those are the 3 major things to know about killing a wraith, the key is mainly spread out and take advantages of the tools you have. I could go on and on about how you can kill the wraith with many different class selections and characters but I don’t want to give you everything where is the fun in that.

Just know that we have downed the Wraith more consistently then we have been downed by it. Any combination of the trappers will work if you play to the major strengths of the team.

If you are still stuck after that, try and watch a stream and see what others are doing. Looking at a fight from a third persons prospective can truly give you some AWWW YEAH moments when you see potential ways to win. I know when I would record my gameplay and go back and watch it, I could look at it and go now why didn’t I just do this or that and the next time ingame I give it a go. Some things work amazing others… Not so good.

I hope this bit of information is helpful in your endeavors to repel the attack and save the… Orbital Drill!!! For the third time in a row…

Just Remember, if you are in an area where you can place the arena down and have lots of free space to move then you are good. But if you have a massive mountain blocking half the play field or a building you are going to have a bad time. The Wraith has massive PBAOE Damage buff that he can use to destroy any and all players in it. This is why it is important that you do not trap yourself in the dome with a wraith with little to no room to maneuver. If you have room to maneuver and spread out then that wraith is in for a very bad day.

Good Luck, and Happy Hunting All


PS: If enough people request it I can write up an example of a team setup that we use to bring on the hurt. I would hope that more people would want to have the trill of figuring it out with the massive help they got here but I will do 1 setup if need be.


Reserved If Need for way more info.