A great example of why we need a vote kick or player reporting

So I was playing in a party of 3 last night against some random Kraken, and familiar fellow connected as our Hank. I recognized his name because I had played against him when he was Wraith a night or two before. He came into the match, went on top of the dam, and sat up there. My teammate thought he was just a bot or disconnected, but the entire time his name never said “idle”, and he continued to move and look around up there. When I put it together that he wanted us to lose this match, so he could queue up as monster, and I said that to my teammate over push-to-talk, he typed “SOMEONE’S ANGRY”. He sat up there until we died.

Other games have vote kick, other game let you report players for griefing. I love Evolve, but we need some option to deal with people like this. This kills the fun.

Here’s a picture of him being a butthole.

Vote kicking would be abused and would ruin Evolve. Just take a look at L4D2 Verses. Players are commonly kicked for no reason.


I dont wanna be unfair or stupid, but you can tell that this player is not the sharpest crayon in the box by his username alone :wink:
(typical 08/15 internet-troll)

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I was that “random kraken” and ended up leaving the game because that douche went up to the glitch spot where I couldn’t hit him.

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You can tape down your m1 and leave the computer while your character just sits there. I tried it myself and people were still joining my lobby after i got back from the store.

There is no way to discourage a player to do this currently, you can easily troll on this game with no consequences.

Haha. Yup you were. GG

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I think vote kicking where hunters can kick hunters would be best. I can see hunters being able to kick a monster being abused, but we should be able to kick our own teammates, especially when they are acting like that.

Still, people would abuse it in many ways, have you played Team fortress 2? Just join a server and see how easily somebody can just vote kick another player, what I think they should do is that they should create 2 types of servers, servers that has the voting option and servers that don’t have it.

I dont wanna sound like Lazarus but… votekick would only treat the symptom… Matchmaking is the disease…

I know it can be abused, but most players aren’t malicious like that. Many players actually listen to feedback. Many play the game cooperatively. Right now, we have 0 recourse against malicious players. My match is ruined if someone behaves like this. If there was a vote kick which required 3 hunters voting yes to kick a fourth hunter, there would be a way to get a malicious player out of your match, and for it to be used against you maliciously, there would need to be 3 jerks that are kicking you without cause. So, I think it would still be a favorable situation for us normal people.

There are as many jerks as many “normal” people, even if you get the right to vote, you just can’t deny that there will be trollers or jerks who just votekick you for no reason or for a stupid reason, did you know that in tf2 people hit " yes" to votekick so they can get the notification away and keep playing? That’s why they divided the servers into ones that has the votekick option and others that don’t, I feel like you’re only thinking about the good this will do to the community but you’re completely forgetting about how negative it will be.

Perhaps we just have different views on the player-base then.

I mean, what sounds better:

You get kicked by jerks, then at least you’re not playing with jerks.
Not having the option of removing a lone player that is messing up your team, and then leaving the game to find another, and waiting the 1 minute for leaving, then waiting for the sometimes iffy matchmaking to possibly be put into the same match.

One person ruining it for three other people or three people ruining it for one person?

This is why the boards are fantastic lol.

Screw that, I don’t play left for dead because of that crap. Join a completely legit game and instantly have it pop up that people are voting to boot you.

If a game is entirely in the social aspect (no ranking, etc.) then vote kicking is fine.
The problem with today’s gaming community are the little kids or older yet immature individuals who vote to kick players for just being good.

If you’re dominating a match (properly/legitimately), what’s worse than losing?..: having some brat or intolerable older individual boot you because of your superior skill & their refusal to accept that.

The best option (which the gaming industry if still far from) is a reporting system that has a specific group of people on each system network that deal with the reports (as in submitted recorded evidence such as xbox one’s clip recording feature). However we have a long time before anything like that will happen globally on any system.

Until then, voting systems to kick players have become too much of a troller’s play toy than a useful tool for honest gamers. That’s why I stopped playing some of the halo games (that had voting features) and gta v: too many occasions where immature individuals would attempt to kick me out of a match or lobby for ridiculous reasons such as dominating the match, being female, or simply because they wanted one of their friends to join the full lobby.

If vote kicking is enabled, that last issue especially would be a problem on this game, people kicking players just to have a friend join.

I vote yes for player kicks… or at least kick IDLE and NON-RESPONSIVE players. People who say vote kicks will ruin the game… well the alternative of NOT having them ruins the game.

Do what Titanfall did. They created lobbies for cheaters only. TRS should create something like that for trollers.

Necro’ing this topic because Kick Player needs to be added.

I’ve lost count of the amount of people who just stand not playing, it’s especially bad in Evac just had one guy play a grand total of 2 minutes in a whole 5 matches of Evac.

It’s just nonsense, all they have to do is touch their controller/keyboard once every so often to pretend like they’re playing the game and then the AI will kick in.

Just because they might start playing again does not justify being idle for a whole match.

I think at least you should be able to kick idle players and only the Hunters, the AI Monsters are okay but AI Hunters are useless when you’re playing with level 40’s.

As for this feature being “abused”

Like people don’t abuse the fact nobody can do anything about their behavior? Those cases would be a minority, inactive players and douchebags are not.

It should just be dependent on whether or not a player has been idle or not doing anything and should only be available to Hunters.
I see no reason why it shouldn’t be added the positives by far outweigh the negatives.