A good strategy if you have portals on Nest as the Hunters


Over the weekend we were playing an Evacuation mode game, and we had just won the round and were heading to Nest the next game. Our map advantage was that we were getting portals.

Our trapper just mentioned off hand, “Hmm, you know, if you’re at at egg and there is a monster there, drop the dome and go through the portal”. We all thought it was a decent idea, but it would obviously require the right circumstance.

Flash forward in the game and we are to the last two eggs. We head to one of them, and the monster meets us there. He is Stage 3 at this point, and proceeds to down 2 of us. We are definitely thinking we lost the game at this point. Then the trapper goes “OMG there is a portal right next to this egg, let’s try that strategy out.” So we head towards the portal, monster in chase, and right before we get there the trapper drops the dome. We go through the portal and are warped to the other side of the map, somewhat near the other remaining egg.

We kill that egg quickly, and in the meantime our 2 downed hunters have rejoined us. We head back to the last remaining eggs, the monster is still there, but between the 4 of us focusing on the egg we destroy it before the monster can down us. Monster could have also spawned the minion but that’s another strategy for another day.

So we get back to lobby and the first thing we hear the monster saying to somebody else in the room with him is “Man, they freaking domed me and went through the portal, I was stuck I couldn’t do anything”. Also followed by “Should have spawned that last egg”.

So if you ever find yourself in Nest, with a portal nearby, it’s an easy way to get a free egg kill. To be honest, you could do it anytime the monster attacks you and there is a portal nearby. Probably would work really well in Rescue mode as well. Gonna really piss some monsters off that way!


Wow, gotta try this sometime. Thanks for the awesome tip :slight_smile:


Oh yes, this is one strategy I’m going to be using! Thank you!