A good place to fight!


Yow veterans! i need some tips as shown above.
About a good place to fight as monster in Map A. like orbitral drill, and other map.
is CAVE always a good place to fight as monster?
and also a good place to fight as hunter in Map A.

im sorry but can you guys like draw some circle in the map showing that place is where you as monster want to get dome. and which area i should avoid becos when i get domed the hunter has some advantage to it. and maybe some reason why. thats more like it.

and thank you for developer to make this game free to play. i brought so many friend to try it. and seems they all like it coz we doto player and like some strategy, roles. etc etc.

so thank you again! hope you guys can give some good advice on topic!


Ich cant draw you the map as Im writing on the Phone but caves are good and also open places where hunters cant dodge behind cover or stand on top of rocks


Caves are generally the best spots for monsters.

In caves, hunters can’t kite around as easily, and you have them more trapped and susceptible to being targeted.

Behemoth and Gorgon excel at utilizing caves because it’s easier catch multiple hunters in their abilities. The two monsters that probably have the hardest time in caves are Goliaths (including Meaty) and Wraith.