A Goliath Traversal Mia Culpa


Man, this Saturday during my live stream I was one salty mofo! I mean I was seriously infused with brine. I’m a Goliath player and I read the patch notes. The traversal change seemed innocuous to me at the time. Then, when I felt it, I was really shocked by how much it seemed to impact my game.

I tweeted a few comments, nothing to acerbic, I am a dev myself and I understand what it is like to be on the other end of it. I did take some time to try and adapt my play style and initial laodout, but nothing seemed to be working at the time. I was missing a key component, which I never considered as a reason for the change in the first place.

People had been telling me for a while that i should be using Leap Smash and Charge more as traversal abilities. I always dismissed it, because I didn’t feel like I needed it to be mobile or to win. I liked having my abilities ready for combat, not for moving. it seemed like overkill. Well, I guess it was overkill. I can only imagine how powerful Goliath would have felt if I incorporated that into my play style prior to the traversal change.

I played from 6pm to 4am - it was a long, epic stream. And once I decided to try incorporating that, I felt like my old self again. I could actually traverse and the losing streak abruptly ended. While I still feel like I can’t move at times, it is way better. Clearly this tactic combined with the old balance was probably really powerful.

In the end, I am glad that I never incorporated the play style. Because if I had, I would not have been able to feel like I was my old self again as Goliath, because the ceiling would have been lowered instead of me having the head room to climb back up toward it. So, lucky me for being stubborn.

I guess I wanted to share the experience and own up to my irrational reaction. I know better than to react like that up front to changes and despair, piss and moan. More importantly, I know the TRS devs see WAY more of the game through data than we ever can, and that they were making a sound decision within the constraints that every game faces.

See you in there!


Wow. Was that really necessary? You have a nice day too. {:confused:


Yeah that guy just seems overly salty.
anyways I’m glad you got your feel back. As a hunter its nice for the nerf, because even after the nerf it feels like without sunny you cant escape a goliath.
I’m not trying to bring up balance, I’m just saying I’m glad oyu found a way to make it work for you instead of yelling at devs like ive seen from so many others. Kudos.


I think this is a very rational, composed, and important post. You reacted how - in an ideal world - the entire community should react to changes : with an open mindset. If you try to adapt and things don’t work out, then maybe it’s time to post and discuss possible changes. Fewer rants, more constructive comments and open minded players always create a healthier community :blush:


That was an epic tweetch may may xDDD
can i use it for le reddits??? for le ipboats :ppp


Man I totally agree that the traversal change felt like such a punch in the face for my first few gamesof loss and loss and bare neck win. I took a different approach though and started taking travers recharge perk so I could keep my two fire, one charge start into 3 rock. Guess the devs got the opposite they wanted, now I REALLY jump nonstop.


I noticed the same thing, never really used charge before, but after I started feeling sluggish, I picked it up, and holy damn does it feel a lot better, plus that displacement is priceless in early domes :3


Tonight I was way less successful again. I tried really hard, even took the stamina for my second match, but no luck. I’m sad to say I cut my stream early because I didn’t want to get frustrated. lol

I feel that the hunter combinations right now are just really crazy. Sunny seems to be absolutely an OP character. The fact she can put the shield drone down in places I cannot get too is really tough, and it is tough to kill anyway. The Speed boost she can grant hunters, combined with my lack of mobility, is an instant save for hunters. And slim, good god, why do I have to suddenly not see anyone when I am not even sniffing? I thought you had to sniff to lose sight of people.

So much stealth, shielding and mobility going on. What am I missing? I want to get back on the horse but I’m not getting in the groove.

one more thing, with the lack of jumping I find it very hard to get to wildlife quickly enough to evolve. It takes so long to catch anything anymore.


Yep, thats prolly 95% of the reason you’ve been struggling.
Come against a good team using T1-3?
Even matchup
Good team using Sunny?
Lol as if

I feel your struggle man, it has not been a good time


You mean the two second nerf to his stamina regen in combat? Yeah man. Totally ruined it for us.


I think that was more a thinly veiled Sunny bash tbh


I’ve beaten a good team with Sunny. I escaped with 3 bars of health.


Do people still use IQ tests?


The fact that you escaped against a Sunny makes me call lies, theres no escaping a good Sunny


I killed her last. She shot me at the generator. I melted her face off.


What was the team comp? I like having all details present


That other guy’s post could be read as “I’m a BAD Goliath player.”

I always saw people doing this, but I’ve seen Leap Smash used as a traversal more often lately. I guess you’d have to play as Goliath a lot if this was instantly causing you to to be off your game.

Lol, this thread man… people are so overdramatic. Sunny teams lose all the time, and more and more as people get used to it. If anyone in this thread is honestly trying to say that Sunny is an instant win, I need proof that you’re not really bad at the game. Her jetpack booster will be toned down eventually.


I’m willing to bet it was Laz and Maggie, if it was Grif
A. You never would have escaped once they found you for the first time, basically insta SG at that point
B. If it was Caira, you never would have killed anyone because anyone getting focused would simply get boosted to the top of the dome where Caira can then bounce her little nades off the dome to heal em to full.
Also, define good team?


I’m stupid.
All of tier 4. Except for Slim
Weather Control Tower
All level 40’s
One 38
No elites.


You doubt my rock throwing skills.
I am not amused.