A Goliath is charging toward you and you can only protect yourself with anything in reaching distance. What's your weapon?


Mine is a baseball bat. RIP :frowning:


Inb4 the American with a Rocket Launcher by their bedside. :stuck_out_tongue:


I mean, I do have a shotgun, but it’s not in reaching distance… :grin:



Um. I assume in reaching of where I am right now?

Mine would have to be a computer chair.

But only two steps away in a cupboard… I have a compound bow :frowning:


Mine would have to be…uh…a comb. Or a library card.


My computer mouse is in hand, it’s made in China so I’m sure it will kill the Goliath eventually.


Only if you make him eat it.

Back on topic, I guess I’d bash its head with my Nokia.


I’ll fuck him up with my butterfly bottle opener.


That’s brutal…


A spoon.

I guess I ginosaji?


Well I’m not gonna use my drawing tablet to protect myself, s’too valuable. …I won’t use my laptop either…
Stares at the cans and bottles on her desk
…Nah. I’ll just take the hit and get rekt by the Goliath.


My cat. RIP Goliath.


I’ll let him eat me.


I have a corgi and a coffee mug…nice knowing you all.


I guess ill invite him to bed he must tired from all the charges right?
(better not steal the covers)


He’s most likely going to steal the covers. I mean goliath is huge! And if you manage to sleep with him there’s a chance he will roll on top of you in order to adjust his body into a more comfortable position. Just thinking ahead bud! :wink:


Um. I guess an appropriate response is ‘oh dear’. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Haha yes ill be the goliath tamer together we shall rule over this world.


I don’t think it matters what I grab. I’m probably gonna die. Perhaps it will take pity if I curl up into a balla nd cry


Luckily I still got my Monster wristband from gamescom. The perfect camouflage.