A Global ranking for monsterS?


Hi everyone,

During the Beta we saw the implementation of the Ranking system, where people get a rank depending of their number of victories.
Some love it, some think it must be tweaked, it’s not the subject here. :smile:

Here are the categories I remember seeing:

  • Best player overall: victories as hunter + monster combined
  • Best Maggie / Hank / Val / … : one ranking for each hunter
  • Best Kraken / Wraith / … : one ranking for each monster

Categories I’d love to see:

  • Best monter overall : combining all the victories, without talking about a specific monster.

Let’s say you don’t have a main monster and love them all equality, making 30% of your games with each one, you’d have as much win as someone playing 100% Goliath, but won’t be able to see your ranking compared to this player, as you’ll be very far away from him in the Goliath’s category.
A “Best Monster” ranking would make people who only play 1 monster being able to compete with players who use 3 monsters ( or 5 in a few months).

  • Best hunter overall: same idea as the “Best monster overall”, but with hunters.

What do you think about it, would you be interested by such ranking categories?

TL;DR: I’d love to get a ranking page, combining all the monsters’ victories in 1 category, idem for the hunters.

Thanks for your replies and have a great day. :slight_smile: