A glitch that makes sunny's jetpack boost mastery more easy


First sorry for my english, it’s too bad.
I was grinding sunny’s third masteries of shield drone and jetpack boost when i found a glitch that makes the jetpack boost dont waste ammo unless the hunters do the dash(idk if this is the way this is called, when you do a dash on a direction when using the jetpack), which accelerates the process to only 3 minutes until you get the badge.
The mode is hunt, the map is wraith trap with radioactive cloud effect(for shield drone) and the place is at the right of the map on two cliffs that you can pass from one to another with only 1 dash.
I dont know why this bug happens but every time this happened:
-EMET was on the team
-I go with predator skin and reload perk( i dont think that the skin matters but im gonna put it here anyway)
-I dont change character
-I always go right to this place(idk if the time matters)
-Extras: favors hunters, wildlife low, normal round duration, 15 sec reinforcements, no limit incaps and all yes
But this seems to be random, sometimes happens and sometimes not while doing the same things, anyway this place is great for this mastery even without the bug, its way more fast than just running away with the hunters while boosting them.

EDIT:the place: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198055397090/screenshots/


And i have realized now that victorious EMET is out


This might be intended as the mastery states that it’s “Jetpack use”.


I dont think this is intended because the jetpack boost waste energy when you boost an ally and he uses the jetpack, but what this glitch do is that the boost dont waste energy when they use jetpack while boosted, only if they do the dash.


Yeah, that’s how it is. The boost shouldn’t be used until the bot or player actually uses it. Having it on them shouldn’t drain the boost.


No, because they are using the jetpack, it just doesn’t waste energy. I know that only putting the boost on them don’t waste energy. The jetpack can be used in 2 ways: dashing or just floating around. The glitch is that floating doesn`t waste energy when it normally do., and just putting the boost on them don’t count for the mastery, they need to be using the jetpack, and with this glitch is so fast because they dont waste energy.


I believe he/she is saying that with glitch the target has unlimited boost while boosting upwards unless they dodge.


Ok, gotcha. @ArPharazon might deal with this.


Yes, that is what i’m trying to say. Thank you.


Finally Steam Cloud worked, this is the place: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198055397090/screenshots/


Is that supposed to be video or is it intended to be a screenshot?


Screenshot, i don’t know how to make a video xD. And anyway, the glitch didn’t happened during a lot of matches, i really don’t know what activate it.


Not my area, but @Shaners should see it in here.


Yup, Emet is out, and he new Half-Monster, Half-Human Support Kala is coming out next week! :smile: